Guilty Pleasure of the Week!

Guilty Pleasure of the Week-Diet Coke

First there was Marc Jacobs doing funky designs on the sides of coke cans then came the ‘Friends’ addition. 

While the Marc Jacob idea was definitely innovative, the downside was there were only three designs and they were not available when you bought the large boxes of Diet Coke (something I learned after going deliberately to a supermarket in order to get all of the individual designs-needless to say bitterly disappointed when I found out that the boxed cans were not part of the promo!) 

So when they introduced the ‘Friends’ addition i thought initially this is very clever. That was until I realised that instead of just grabbing the coke on my lunch break and rushing to beat the crowd to the till, instead I began searching for my name!

Now in a busy Supermarket at 1pm when all the businesses open their doors to the hundreds of hungry workers, the last place you want to be standing is in a shopping aisle bent over looking at the bottom shelf trying to find your name on the side of a Coke Bottle. Not only do you look like a bit of a prat but its a bit like road rage-crowd rage. I had to ignore the pushes and the comments directed at me to which I merely reciprocated by staying longer and infuriating them even more.

My name was not there instead I had to make do with the name Emily!

Downside to the new Coke Campaign is that you have people like myself desperate to find their own name and have a picture taken with the coke bottle, unfortunately this causes queues of people all doing the same thing. 

Better than the Marc Jacob designs? Yes because at least these have personality and are for everyone. 

Already Diet Coke has a particularly feminine reputation and I think Marc Jacob increased least with the new design they have male names on the bottles as well as female. Broadening the customer demographic so that it is appealable as an asexual product.

Improvements-The idea is very simplistic-almost too simplistic and therefore without any connection to the time of year-perhaps a few more graphics to make the names stand out-or cover on the stem?

Diet Coke


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