The inside of Made in…Chelsea?

The Inside of Made In…Chelsea?

Unfortunately not! 

For all those fans of the TV Drama look away now!

Be prepared for a big is not real..I can tell by the gawping facial expression you are as surprised as me…or not.

Most people would of course know that any ‘reality tv show’ is not ‘real’! Even the illustrious Big Brother was far from real allowing people like Rylan Clarke leave the premises and go to rehearsals for X Factor while the cameras concentrated on somebody else in the house.

Made In Chelsea however has taken it to a new level with apparent match making parties being held before they start filming in order to encourage romance. Getting the people working on the production team to spread round rumours in order to create drama. Can you blame them? Without the drama Made In Chelsea would be a decidedly boring show about toffs walking around and spending the money earnt by their parents. 

But are they really who they say they are?

Did Spencer really go out with Louise (Yes!) How long ago did they break up? (approx 6 months ago) Is she dating Andy? (Yes-quite possibly) so all of that information appears to be true but what about the others? Well I can officially inform you that quite a few of the shows beloved or hated characters are in fact not real Chelsea inhabitants but mere wannabes hired by the production company to portray a part and lead the willing audience along. In fact a few of them are there to earn money not spend it.

Did any of the cast know each other?

Majority of the cast knew no-one and were introduced via casting meetings and instigated parties. 

Believe it or not but the characters are so obviously fake they will purposefully play villain if the production team wishes it-if they play the villain there is more exposure for them-whereas if they decide to play coy and mellow into the background then they are not as much a focus. You can always tell by the exposure on the screen who is desperate either for the money or the fame!

A hint. If the programme states the parentage of one of the characters than yes they may indeed be wealthy, if however you never hear how they made their riches or how they came to be in Chelsea you can safely assume they are fakes!

How do I know? Lets just say secret sorces! 



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