The Apprentice and Boobs?

The Apprentice and Boobs?

The Apprentice: known for its serious picking of talent to be the new apprentice to work for Alan Sugar (or a glorified 6 week job interview for YouView the new freeview box).

Big Money is on the cards and therefore they demand only the best….or do they?

The first series focused on boring people who had succeeded in the business world and were now taking the next step in order to improve their career….few series on and we have a bunch of big boobed, high voiced, non-clever twats sitting in the boardroom.

Taken over by the world of Reality?

The bunch (including Alex Mills who has possibly the worst slicked back hair, looking like an ugly version of Freddie Mercury with plucked eyebrows and a dracula look) . Brains? Perhaps not seeing as it is only the second episode of the programme that we realised the majority of them cannot count simple measurements. Each one of them is definitely interesting. From Mr Mercury straight to the ‘stick up the ass’ Jason Leech who claims that he is the best out of everyone and yet seems to annoy everyone and ruin deals?! 

Moving swiftly onto the girls from the high pitched big boobed Luisa Zissman who describes herself as a ‘genius with looks’ to the rather too enthusiastic and patronising Jaz Ampaw-Farr. None of them seem to share the boring non personality look that has been presented to us before. There is no doubt about it this is a group of characters. 

Is it any good? 

Unfortunately due to the recent ploy to get Alan Sugar’s money  by the last apprentice Stella English who claimed that after she had won The Apprentice on her first day ‘she was given a desk and a phone but no specific duties during a four-month probationary period’ therefore she tried to sue Mr Moneybags for all the money she could-she failed!

However thanks to the attention that Miss Stella bought to the role she also branded The Apprentice as a fake. Bad news for the new upcoming series. Obviously people not aware of Stella’s claims would be non-the-wiser and therefore would watch the series admiring the same jobs set to the candidates and the same outcomes, although for me it clouded my view. 

I could not help watching the series and thinking that these people were purely there to make viewing figures-surely Lord Sugar had better sense..? If I was in his position I would have fired the lot and then fired the producers for even getting the contestants in the first place.

The Apprentice has gone from being an interesting fun approach to the ins and outs of a millionaires unique hiring process and now it was a laughing stock. 

Would any of them win? Or is it more a question now of who the next person is to sue Lord Sugar? 

What would be next? The Young Apprentice (nope that has been done), or The next business partner for Lord Sugar (nope that too has been done)……The Young Apprentice Toddlers? The Apprentice Under the Sea version? 

the apprentice


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