The Gatsby Experience..In London

Step back into Gatsby World

On a cold night with a strong wind biting and all you really want is to be at home cuddled in a warm blanket with a tv dinner. Instead I find my self walking aimlessly around Piccadilly Circus towards a restaurant called Brasserie Zedel.

Hidden opposite a large Boots and behind some very tacky tourist shop is a little café. Typically French in style with a simplistic layout: a few tables and chairs with a coffee bar in the corner and French posters gracing the bare walls. Not exactly the wow experience I was expecting-but each to their own.

As the party I was with was lead through the café we made our way down a staircase to the bottom of the building passing three doors one which lead to a theatre with a woman singing jazz songs at the top of her voice and the raucous sound of clapping every 5 minutes that she hit a top note. The next door opened up onto the most divine Gatsby-esque bar/lounge. High ceilings, low lighting and people sitting there in American 1920’s dress. The next stop was the dining room..

We step through two double doors into a huge dining room reminiscent of the 1920’s complete with the oil lamps on each table and the small booths containing tables of people chatting. Loud and vibrant and yet private- each table was separated on their own. It was like little separate dinner parties all gathered in one big room. On one side of the room a large bar gleaming in the light. Everywhere gold, sparkling, shining, eye opening. This large room had managed to take you from the cold dingy streets of London and bring you into some dream world.


I had heard of these types of places through films like Midnight In Paris and of course there were always the few bars in London such as Circus which were renouned for their ability to bring you back to a time where everything was different. Yet I did not think I would experience it to this degree. You could easily spend an entire night at this place dining, drinking and being entertained and leave in the early hours of the morning.

Time would so easily just slip away.

The food? Well with a very French taste to it they served up posh carrot salad and steak beef burger with a very creamy peppercorn sauce (I have had better). However for the experience you were blown away. The food, although definitely not Michelin star, it was passable. Especially when you looked at the bill at the end. Not expensive and definitely the best dining experience I have had in a while.

I would suggest maybe making a night of it, give yourself the real Gatsby experience. Treat yourself to the movie, then transport yourself back to that time with dinner and drinks maybe even a little Jazz.

Allow yourself to indulge in Gatsby Dream World…



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