Birch Box!

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Birch Box

I must admit the name of the product is a little boring. A ‘Birch Box’ sounds a bit like something you hang in the garden to feed the birds. So you can imagine my surprise (pleasant surprise) when the company BirchBox arrived carrying hundreds of bright pink boxes. Now I have never been massively girly but like all people when a box arrives with your name on it the natural and immediate reaction is excitement to see what is inside.

I am assuming that this is what everyone feels. However do ignore me if you work in any particular place where you might have negative packages arriving all the time with your name on it-as I’m sure that would be another feeling entirely.

So the pink box arrives and it is free!? It is large and free? Unheard of, unless it contained something incredibly cheap. As I open it up there is no mistaking the pinkness-as inside the pink box is a pink bag. Not the nice type of bag that you might put your make up in, but a perfectly useful pink bag that you might keep toiletries in.

It contained, to my surprise, brands that I have both heard of and not. Expert brands associated with posh customers (Moltan Brown, Lindor) and then brand new products that I had never heard of (Laura Gellar Make Up). Granted they were only samples, however it was certainly a good way to promote themselves. 

What do I really think?

Well the box is a little tacky-made out of carboard it is certainly at the cheaper end of the spectrum-although admittedly through researching the website the boxes the products came in were originally a chique black box. I definitely would have been more impressed if they had remained black. A bunch of samples presented in a box..such a simple idea and yet very affective. The only downside is that the company are asking for a £10/month subscription which honestly would not appeal to most people. I understand the concept and as an initial idea you think it would work but up close it seems like you are being conned. Samples you can get from any company if you only ask. The only difference that Birchbox has is that they are promoting other brands that you might not necessarily find in London. Even then though the products are not good enough for you to justify spending £10 a month on when you could just walk into the shops and ask for samples yourself.

A lovely free present and certainly an office pleaser. However to justify paying for it they would have to be giving away either bigger samples or samples from better brands-otherwise it looks like they are making money out of selling free samples. Having said all that for a cheap gift to someone who might need a little cheering up then yes I can see the appeal.

The Products?

Well where do I begin…

‘Laura Gellar’s eye shadow/liner cream with brush attached is revolutionary! Especially in brown!’ 

This was just one of the amazing reviews in regards to Laura Gellar! She went down a total treat! The downside is that she is not available in the UK! A HUGE positive for BirchBox who are selling her eyeliner exclusively.

Molton Browns perfume Valbonne is dreamy. A mixture of all the smells of spring in one perfume and so fresh-definitely for me personally the best sample in the box.

The others you could survive without-Eyelash curlers, moisturiser, body lotion (to name a few)

All in all the product is mediocre-there is nothing you could find to complain about accept that the box is a little tacky.

Would I buy it? No!

However for a gift to someone that loves their moisturiser, lotions and beauty in general than it is a very good idea-Perhaps the price is to high but then again £10 is not much to spend a month. Perhaps you should receive more for that price.



2 thoughts on “Birch Box!

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