Which Blogger are you?

Which Blogger are you?

Bloggers can be divided into six categories. You can be 1 of the 6 or you could be a mixture of a few of them. 

The ‘Bradshaw’ Blogger

Obviously taken from the illustrious Carrie Bradshaw character in Sex and the City. The ‘Bradshaw’ blogger writes what they learn through life experience. They could also be known as ‘Diary’ bloggers. No matter how dull a day they have had, they will find something worth talking about. Friendly and Calm- they blog about what they know. Whether it is at the beginning of their day with a coffee in hand, or at the end when the kids are in bed. They find solace in that alone time with themselves. If they have a bad day they will pass it off as just another day and move on to the next- with their heads held high. Not doing it for the attention of others they rarely care about how many views they have had or how many followers. However they are also the bloggers who care the most about the people who do f0llow them. The ‘Bradshaw’ blogger is the most common type of blog. Seen in programmes normally American based (Sex and The City, Awkward).

The ‘Informative’ Blogger

Their are two types of ‘Informative Bloggers’:

The first is the ‘Straight and to the Point’. They are often writing reviews on behalf of a company. They will be blunt. Normally they have a unique personality, it could be very sarcastic or it could be the opposite. They will write what they think but in a professional format. Careful of who might read their blogs and what profile they want to create, they are the people who will check a blog for ages to check the grammer, the spelling and that their point of view is accurately represented. Their blogs will range from Film reviews to Technical reviews.

The second type of ‘Informative’ blogger are the ‘Instructional Enthusiasts’. They love what they do and want to share it with the world. These are the bloggers who love food and create recipes and share them with everyone. This is also the same with the bloggers who love art and help you to create the same masterpieces that they display on their blog. Always aquiring the most readers as they give the viewer something to do if they are bored at home or even just wondering what to cook for dinner. They are passionate.

The ‘Pessimistic’ Blogger 

Deep and meaningful, they preach about the negatives of life. These can also be combined with ‘Diary’ bloggers. They write about what hardships either they or the world has to face. Occasionally they try to get others involved by preaching to the millions of how they might solve a particular world problem. Most of them are under the belief that no-one is interested in them or what they write therefore they can write anything-and if someone does see it-they don’t care. They may put one powerful sentence as their blog for the day or they may do the opposite and write a negative rambling post that goes on for hours. Either way there is no predicting what they might write about next.

The ‘Fashion’ Blogger 

They start by merely posting simple yet unique things that get them noticed. This might be a picture of what they are wearing every day or how they do their make up. Some of them will contact companies and write about them in exchange for trying their products. Normally fun and out there. They have a different point of view to the norm. With the aim of writing reviews of fashion or make up in the future- they start a blog to get noticed. Photographic to a max-they will cover their blogs with photos galore. They are the instagrammers of the blogging world. Occasionally they will hide themselves under a pseudonym such as ‘the girl with the green scarf’ or the ‘girl with the red dress’.  

The ‘Fictional’ Blogger

Fictional name, fictional stories. The future writers of the next generation. They use blogging to judge how popular their type of writing would be. They write occasionally about what they know but most of the time they edit it. Normally funny and cleverly written they tend to be the most popular to read. These are the bloggers who end up with books about the stories they have written on their blogs. Normally suggested to join blogging my friends who think they have a flare at writing. 

The ‘Impressional’ Blogger

This is someone who is established in a company and their role is to encourage Social Network activity. They know how the blogging world works. Trained in the art of getting noticed they blog about what is cool and upcoming. Normally afilliated with a large company that has brands to advertise. This would span across the fashion world to the corporate world. Their job is to update people on the changes happening on a day to day basis. Tweet, Facebook, Blog they do it all. Normally they have a lot of followers because they are current and fashionable. Rarely will they portray a negative attitude or review. Positive and upbeat they are the connectors between the outside world and computer world. 

All Bloggers are unique in what they write about but in general they fall into the above categories. Most of the time a blogger could be a mixture of two to all six of them. 


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