The Great Gatsby!

The Great Gatsby! 

And that is exactly it…Great! 

Baz Luhrman never disappoints.

Unfortunately nowadays the majority of reviewers that write about Theatre and Cinema are pensioners. Not all reviewers but certainly the majority of the most popular newspapers. This does not mean that they are bad at their jobs, it just means that the pieces they write lack a certain amount of fun and passion. Perhaps they have been doing it for too long?

Naturally they do not like certain directors. Most of them-due to maybe a personal dislike-will write negative reviews purely based on the person and not on the film/play. One Actor who fits into this category is of course Kenneth Brannagh! A genius, that is obvious-he managed to bring Shakespeare to the modern world with a new level of understanding. However for some reason no matter what he releases to the public it will always be slated by reviewers. Not because they hate the piece but because they dislike the man behind it. 

This is exactly the same with Baz Luhrman. 

Unfortunately the pensioner reviewers are sitting at home reading their Shakespeare and loving the ancient feel of it. Not ready for the modern change they dislike anyone who tries to touch what they believe should remain as is. Naturally the world was shocked when Baz Luhrman changed the world of Romeo and Juliet. Not only did he cast possibly the most beautiful and perfect Romeo (Leonardo Di Caprio) and Juliet (Clare Danes) but he managed to make it current, as well as put a twist on it. Combining the old with the new. He made the characters relevant. They were now interesting! Instead of basic characters pronouncing their love or hate for others-they now had unique and fascinating personalities. You wanted to see their own stories come to life!

Of course he worked his same magic on Moulin Rouge. Again doing what he does best and making the characters accessible to not only a large range of ages but also to people who would not necessarily enjoy that type of story. With the perfect mixture of real love, drama and of course extravagant dancing and elaborate singing he succeeds in almost everything he directs. 

Having said that I was not a fan of Australia as to me it was dull, perhaps because it didnt have his original spark and unique mix of frivolity. However he made up for it by releasing…The Great Gatsby. 

What is about to become a huge hit in cinema history I was lucky enough to see one of the first screenings of it. 

Utterly Stunning and Breath Taking. 

The colours are so vibrant on the screen, they stand out a mile inviting you into the story. The costumes superb. The acting brilliant. Once again Baz Luhrman pulls it off. Mixing the beautiful lovers Gatsby (Leonardo Di Caprio) and Daisy (Carey Mulligan) in a stunning on screen mixture of utter magnificence. It does not disappoint. Gatsby is as stunningly romantic and gallant as the character should be. Daisy is hauntingly beautiful and stands out from the crowd. The love story between them is captivating. The other characters and actors lend to the story very well. Tobey Maguire is wonderfully tragic. 

Ignore the negative reviews this is definitely a must see! It is the first film of The Great Gatsby that has truly taken my breath away. 

Plus one of the best bits is that the film feels like it is about 15mins so you are out of the cinema before you know it-The best sign of a good movie! 



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