Eurovision: Historic or Tacky?

Eurovision…Historic and Tacky?

euro drinking

There is no doubt that Eurovision has been going on for many years..however at the same time every year I question whether the rest of Europe appreciates it more than the UK!?

In the UK we see Eurovision as a bit of a joke.

This is what I realised this weekend!

People were either ignoring it completely or having drinking parties where they would be hammered throughout the event. I did not meet/hear of anyone that was actually watching it for  seriousness of the competition. 

Yes everyone knows that Eurovision is entirely biased and politically handled. The top ten are always going to include Greece, Denmark or Azerbajan. The UK very rarely win let alone come close to the Top Ten. In fact we have narrowly missed coming last for quite a few years normally receiving neighbour votes from France or Ireland. 

Will we ever get a UK Finalist again? The last time we came first was in 1997 when Katrina and The Waves won with ‘Love Shine A Light’, but now it seems that the voting is purely tactical, have we officially kissed goodbye to any chance of a real competition? 

Knowing all this I still found myself cuddled up on the couch with a Chinese takeaway in front  of me ready to get my Eurovision groove on-with the help of some beers-I actually found myself getting rather into it. Even at times singing along to the tunes-which sounded the same as rather a lot of pop songs in the charts at the moment. I mean we can all agree that the song ‘Marry Me’ by Krista Siegfrieds (representing Finland) was such a rip off of any Taylor Swift/Katy Perry song you have ever heard. I did think she stood a chance of getting into the final ten. I mean with all the media coverage she has gained for trying to make a political statement by including two girls kissing right at the end of the song, surely that meant she was on everyones radar?! Or was this too political? Did the competition purposefully rig the voting so that no-one would vote for that song-in order to avoid a political up-roar regarding the legality of gay marriage?

I honestly could not even begin to tell you why Emelie De Forest from Denmark won. I could not even remember the song she sang. Although she was the bookies favourite after all. 

The song? It was perfectly alright. The same old Eurovision churn out (fun, bubbly, showy and cheesy). The Shakira look-alike shook her stuff to a catchy tune and therefore managed to capture the viewers attention. Although one could not help but think that the winner was rather different to last years Swedish winner (Loreen). 

Loreen took to the stage with a ‘Tramp look about her’ covered in large plucked birds feathers and looking like she had rolled out of a bush to get on to the stage. She wailed her way through a medley of her most famous songs-of which I only recognised one..’Euphoria’. 

I fully admit that I could not have sat through the utter boredom of Eurovision if I had not been a little inebriated! If you thought the actual singing of 26 foreign songs was bad than the continuous voting where each country HAD to say a little speech before giving the results was bordering on utterly repelling. The only saving grace was the sarcastic commentary from Graham Norton…and the fact that they didn’t let the last three countries cast their votes because they decided to celebrate the winner before the voting had finished!

Car Crash tv at its best! And yet we still watch it every year….why? I have no idea but there is a very good chance I will be watching it next year with a Chinese in front of me and the beers all laid out…ready!



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