Get Fit or Die Trying!

Get Fit or Die Trying!

It is a Sunday night. I am sat cosied up in a chair watching re-runs of whatever happens to be on TV. Suddenly I feel this urge to do something. Never one to do anything half heartedly I get up and before I know it I am searching for body workouts. 

The reason for this? I have no idea. I am not fat. I am not mega-thin. I do NOT like exercise. I am known in my family for being the one that even when I am running late I will NOT run…I walk…Run is not in my vocabulary!

I joined the gym and went for about a week before I started making excuses to not go….’I am not feeling too well’…’I feel like having a fat day’…’I forgot my trainers’…..’I forgot my sports bra’…before you know it you have managed to avoid the gym for 6 months and you are STILL paying a fortune.

So why did I suddenly feel like doing a work out? All I can put it down to is the fact that I had eaten my weight in food all weekend..but even that didn’t quite explain it. For some reason my body felt like getting sweaty and working out…so I did.

I rummaged through my wardrobe and found my sports bra and Tracksuit bottoms. Thinking I looked quite cool I was ready. Taking advantage of an empty flat I moved the sitting room furniture and made my own personal studio.

The only problem I have found since joining the gym last year is that  I always get myself pshyched up to do some exercise and take ages making sure I am wearing the right thing and looking good. I have the water, the red bull and the towel all ready..yet when it comes to the actual work out I normally am exhausted and lying dead on the ground after 15 minutes of warm up. Needless to say the same thing happened. 

While watching the full body work out on youtube by Jillian Michaels (Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism) I slowly began to sweat it out. Yet when I reached the actual cardio excercises I felt dead. Jillian is really encouraging but also the most annoying person in the world. I found myself actually shouting back at her at one point. 

I wish I was one of those people who could say ‘push through it and keep going’ but I am not. I kept going but with breaks and constantly checking how much longer the agony would go on for. By the end of it I was on the floor ready to cry-not the most attractive sight when your housemate comes home. 

A successful work out in the way that I definitely was sweating buckets by the end of it… but could I bear to put myself through it again? 

The Answer was surprisingly  Yes! 

For some reason I felt empowered-maybe because I had made it through alive? Maybe because I really did want that beach body? 

Whatever the reason I find myself psyching up for the work out tonight…and here is the worst bit….I am actually excited! 

Was it the endorphins? Whatever it was I was on it. Now I had to see if I could actually stick to it…(watch this space)

Jillian Michaels definitely knows what she is doing. With the warm up and the actual physical exercise she really pushes you to your limit. The downside is that she allows no time for a quick break. Not even a water break is included. While I understand that you get the best out of your workout if you are constantly at it and keeping your heart racing, I do feel that sometimes fitness intructors get carried away in the work out. They need to understand the different levels of fitness for their participants. Not all of the people doing the fitness work out are going to be as fit as them. 



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