Are you a Gleek?

Are You A Gleek?

I recently admitted to myself that I was a secret Glee admirer-I would never admit it to anyone-only those closest. I was NOT obsessed. In fact I thought the programme rather tacky. Yet there was something about it that you couldn’t help but raise a slight smile at maybe it was the over stereotyped high school characters.

Perhaps I was laughing at them? I could not have been laughing with them…(or at least I hope I have better taste in humour than to laugh at the jokes they made!). Maybe my perception of myself was totally in jeopardy, purely because I liked the 1st season of Glee.

This could only mean one thing….I was going mad. Stir crazy, running naked in the broad daylight, talking to myself… mad! (it is worth just assuring anyone reading that 1) I do not/ nor will ever have the balls to run naked in daylight and 2) I have never talked to myself-well not that I would ever admit to!)

But this was horrifying, I always thought I had good judgement or at least I liked to think I did…but liking GLEE? Of all things!

Could there be a logical reason to why this programme had so many admirers? I was determined to find out.

The majority of people who enjoy Glee are either brutally honest about their obsession or are secret Glee fans. The reputation Glee had gained for being tacky, cheesy and stereotypical made it almost embarrasing for some people to watch. The people who hated it really hated it. I admit the first time I ever watched a Glee episode I thought it was the worst piece of American TV I had ever seen. 

The writers, although not amazing at writing episodes, they could really write gritty characters for people to get their teeth into. Yes they were stereotypes of typical high school features in America. Baring that in mind they still struck a chord emotionally. You may not have experienced the same things they did but there were recurring themes such as bullying bought up. The characters that you thought might have been immune due to being in the right social group also suffered relative growing up/high school problems.

Along with the recurring themes you have the song production. The songs are chosen perfectly: incredibly current, with covers being released by the Glee cast within a month of the song being released. They attracted not only the fans of the current music but combined with the fans of the programme their viewing figures were going through the roof. With a cast that could both sing and dance they couldn’t go wrong…..could they?

Season 1 was very well done. It is my belief that the directors were not sure how the programme would be received-hit/flop?! Other shows had followed the same format and failed so why would this one be any different? When it hit the big time they started to think about more seasons, what to do with the characters graduating etc. Unfortunately this is where my enthusiasm for the programme stops.

Season 2 is just the same story-lines re-played over and over. I would’ve thought there was only a certain amount of times that Finn could break up and get back together with both Rachel and Quinn. The same competitions and the same relationships make for quite a dull season. This is the same with Season 3-apart from a stellar performance from Gywneth Paltrow.

Season 4 is apalling. The new characters fail to impress. The relationships are un-believeable. The storylines are boring. It is worth noting that the majority of the original cast have graduated. So the series is split between stories happening at the drama school NYADA and McKinley High School. It just does not work in my opinion. Fans of the show are holding on to the series due to their love for the first season, but I feel that Glee is on its last legs. It did well for 4 seasons and a fifth in the pipeline, but I have a feeling their viewing figures might drop drastically in Season 5.

Yes I was a Glee Fan but the emphasis is on was. Unfortunately I lost interest-something I find to happen with anything that goes on for too many seasons. By the time the 3rd season of any show comes around you have already established your main storyline and if that has been solved you are at a lost for how you might recover the show.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer for example. The first few series were brilliant. The characters established. The love story between Buffy and Angel was in full swing. Then the main guy gets killed off. At that point the producers probably thought of ending the legacy of Buffy. They didn’t. Instead they introduced a new love interest by the name of Spike-the same Spike that had been her sworn enemy for the last season. A clever idea? In some ways, but people were already fans of Angel and Buffy-by crossing out the hope of the original lovers getting back together you are losing a lot of faithful fans.

It is safe to assume that if you see someone who is very happy and trying to sing a song in the middle of the office they are probably fans of Glee. However perhaps not as obvious is the guy who sits in the corner office who always looks like he is working on his laptop-actually he is watching the latest episode of Glee.

Which one are you?



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