I’m on my way to…Cougar Town?

I’m on my way to Cougar Town?

Or I was last night!

Cougar Town-otherwise known as Courtney Cox’s attempt at television after Friends. However looking at the previous failures from the cast of Friends, would it work?

First off you had Matt Le Blanc who made his acting return in Joey. Utter Rubbish. The character of Joey was brilliant in Friends-but as soon as you remove the character from the settings that he became famous in, you soon realise that it might not have just been the brilliance of the character but the combination of the character and the people around him. 

Joey was cancelled during the second season.

Surely Courtney Cox was destined to fail? I mean the cast around her were hardly impressive. Most of them I had never heard of let alone seen act. With an older look and a much tighter face she was back this time playing the character of Jules-a recently divorced mother of one, who has a passion for red wine and runs a real estate company.

On paper it seems less than impressive but I made myself watch at least the first few episodes to see why America was lapping this latest creation up.

The first episode was awful. Cheap gags. Awful characters. Nothing to keep you interested.

This dull interest continued through til about episode 6 for me. That was when I started to lighten up about the programme. I found I was putting too much hope into Courtney Cox instead of sitting back and enjoying the programme. Due to the fame she received off of Friends, for her to go and play a character that is not Monica is difficult for not only Courtney Cox herself but also her fans. People who are fans of Monica are expecting to see the same character and are therefore disapointed when they do not receive the results they want. This was my problem. However when I relaxed into Cougar Town I actually started to enjoy it.

I will be honest. I still do not think it is one of the best American comedies I have seen. Although it is funny at times, I still feel like it is missing something to make it brilliant. The romantic tension created between the characters of Jules and Greyson is there but not quite fireworks. Maybe this will change as the seasons progress.

The rest of the cast just about pull it off. It is obvious at first that they were testing the waters in regards to characters. The girls just did not click at all at the beginning of the first season. Their characters were so far apart there was no way they would ever connect. It was only mid way through the first season that they began to bond and find their togetherness through their shared love of Red Wine.

The journey of Jules (Courtney Cox) from the beginning of Season 1 when her divorce is still quite fresh to the end is interesting. Whether it is truthful in any way is another question. It seems almost entirely to far-fetched to be honest. Her relationship with Travis works well. You can see the bond between the two of them, even if at times it appears more friendly than mother-son related. 

The big failure is the connection between Bobby and Jules. The ex husband Bobby, who is still in love with Jules is constantly around and is even involved in the same friendship group as his ex-wife. Forgive me but I cannot believe this for a second. Yes I believe that they could have mutually broken up and remained friends, but the fact that Jules mentions almost every two seconds that Bobby cheated on her, it is hard to believe that there would be no blood spilt between them. This makes the relationship seem false. Unfortunately there is no chemistry between the two actors and therefore you do not believe that they could have ever loved each other .

If you like American comedy than yes you will enjoy Cougar Town. If you are merely watching it to see the re-creation of Monica-it is not for you!

A THREE stars from me!



3 thoughts on “I’m on my way to…Cougar Town?

  1. I totally agree that it was only in the about the 6/7th episode that it started to get interesting. When Jules stopped dating the younger guys it started to improve. although I do still love the earlier episodes, the later part of series 1 was much better.

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