I am a…NEW GIRL!

I am a.. NEW GIRL!

Yes I truly do believe that I am Zoe Duschannel! (Alright I am not the actress herself but I see traits in her that are very like me-such as the fact that we are both stir crazy! I would say cooky-but really we are both mad!)

Also I have brown hair..!

Irregardless of all this information..

Yesterday I told you I had to force myself to sit through half hour episodes of Cougar Town. This time I have a treat for you..

‘New Girl’

If you have not heard of this programme then you need to look it up fast.

It is comedy gold.

The acting is brilliant. Each of the characters know exactly who they are. Their backgrounds, their personalities and their looks are flawless. It is so funny without even trying.

Is it because the majority of the actors in it are relatively new to that world of Comedy Tv? I should think that it definitely helps. Zoe has been in a few films but I have never seen her play a character as well as she does in this. Fun and bubbly she plays the role of Jess perfectly.

New girl follows Jess when she breaks up with her boyfriend and has to move into an all male apartment with Schimdt (the OCD business man obsessed with sex), Winston (the ex pro-basketball player who is unemployed, rubbish at relationships and has a warped view of practical jokes) and then Nick (the useless unemployed guy who is petrified of getting older and becoming his father). Along side these 4 main characters we have CeCe (Jess’s best friend, the model with a personality who takes no crap from no-one). All together they gel to create the highly compatible cast of this hit series.

Only on the second season and it feels like it is still the first. The last time I felt this genuinely attached to a series was with Friends and even then I don’t think I ever cried to an episode accept in the very final episode of season 10. Whereas New Girl has made me laugh and cry a few times. The writing is complete genius. Quick witted and cleverly organised, the episodes fly by and before you know it you are at the end of the season dying for more.

From Nick pretending to be a dancer and jumping around the lounge in order to prove it- to -Schimdt’s attempts at trying to bed CeCe, the programme does not falter in any way. Of course the best bit was when the two beloved characters of Jess and Nick finally admit that they have a thing for one another -after making it obvious for about a year.

Why does it work so well?

How is it different to the other comedies that have been released and failed within one season?

Honestly I have no idea. The script is stronger and the cast is stronger and that is a sign of a good series. However the programme is also simple. It does not try to hard. The main problem with Cougar Town was that you, as the viewer, were very aware that each of the characters were trying to make you laugh. To the point where you actually wonder whether they think they are in front of a live audience. New Girl is more relaxed. Yes the ultimate goal is to make you laugh but they do it effortlessly.

I would highly recommend this series! 

Do I think it will last?

Probably not. I am cynical when it comes to programmes with too many seasons. I believe that a first season can be brilliant but ruined by the second and the third. I feel the same way in regards to films. The common view is that sequels are never going to be as good as the original and so far I do not think I have seen one film that has succeeded in proving that fact wrong!

A big FIVE stars from me!

new girl poster


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