The American Lust

The American Lust

I really like American TV shows. I’m not sure why. I don’t think they are very funny. I definitely don’t think the acting is great. So why do I like them? Perhaps because they are different to the English shows I am used to. Or was it because they could write great Love Connections.

There is no doubt about it..America knows how to write LUST!

Their writers are brilliant at creating electricity between two characters.The kind of chemistry that makes you carry on watching just because you want to see them eventually get together. Even if you have to watch hundreds of rubbish side plots along the way.

Before you know it you have watched from Episode 1 to 24 and in that space, apart from the initial get together or attraction between the two-nothing has happened. You hope with fingers crossed that the Finale will bring that get together that you so desperately crave…but of course it doesn’t come. If they want another season they have to give the fans a reason to stay faithful.

The best on screen chemistry I have come across would be the following:

Revenge (A drama based on the story of a girl who seeks to get revenge on the family that got her father accused wrongly and locked away -changing her childhood forever. Now older she moves back to the town she was bought up in to exact her revenge)The characters are Jack and Emily, connected by their childhood crush. Emily returns, now older, and refuses to tell Jack who she really is (the young girl by the name of Amanda Clarke who he has loved since the day they first met). Instead you see them both go through different relationships and marriage, still with the hope that they will finally admit their true feelings for each other.


New Girl (the TV Comedy based around the life shared between 3 boys and 1 girl all in one flat. They see each other go through everything from relationships to break ups.) Jess and Nick, who are two of the room-mates out of the four, have always had a an attraction to each other. It is not until the second season that they act on those feelings, by kissing one night in a moment of passion. The same ‘will they wont they’ situation happens accept the difference is we see them get together a few times but then worry about the future. You are only truly satisfied at the end of the second season when they give into their passion and decide to give it a go!


Gossip Girl (The TV drama following the Upper East Side teenagers of New York and the dramas in their lives. Through 5 seasons of break ups and make ups they finally ended the series after ratings dropped significantly) The couple that out-shone the rest-Chuck and Blair. Chuck Bass the dark horse of the programme and Blair the Upper East Side bitch have so much passion between them that they fast became favourites amongst the fans. Hooking up the first time in the back of a limo, we then watch them progress and go through other relationships before ending up back where they belong and finally getting married. One of the best couple write ups I have ever seen kept alive by the raw sexual passion between the two of them.


True Blood (TV drama following the telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse through her involvement and encounters with the supernatural-most commonly vampires. We watch how her life changes after being introduced to Bill Compton, the local vampire. The series follows the constant battle between humans and vampires.) Sookie and Bill right from the beginning were matched forbidden lovers. Combine raw sex and vampirism-their relationship summed up. Eric (the blonde vampire) is then introduced as a powerful vampire almost the complete opposite of Bill. Eric makes it clear through graphic sex dreams that he has a thing for Sookie. However it is not until much later on that Sookie and Eric start getting together. Introduce the famous triangle that split fans everywhere. Were you a fan of Bill and Sookie or were you routing for Eric to get the girl? Not even the programme could make a decision who they preferred and that is why the triangle is continuing today.


Everyone likes a good LUST story! The difference between a Love and Lust story? Well Love tends to develop slowly and not have as many fans. However Lust is when there is so much sexual tension between a pair that you desperately want them to get together even if they may not be the best suited to one another. 

LUST is what drives a series and brings in the fans. 

Which couple drives you insane? 


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