Do you need ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’?

Do you need ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’?

More drama in one episode than an entire season of The Bachelor!

Patti Stranger prides herself on being the Matchmaker with the best results. One episode of the series (of which their are six of them) is enough to take all the energy out of you.

Very american she takes girls and matches them with Millionaires.

I cannot help but think if she has six seasons surely the girls know that she is the Millionaire Matchmaker? So the many times she says that she doesn’t match-make gold diggers…well they are there to meet Millionaires arn’t they? So how are they not interested in the money? If they were not interested then surely they would go to a normal match-maker or dating website?!

Contradicting throughout the programme-Patti makes her ‘perfect matches’-most of which do not actually fit at all. Of course on occasion there are the couples that seem to hit it off..only for you to find out by reading the small print at the end of the episode that they didn’t actually see each other again at all. 

No Sex Before Monogamy-she repeats this phrase over and over again!

Yes I agree you would have to be a bit of a fool if you really liked a guy to then give him what he wants on the first date. Surely it is common knowledge that if you keep a guy waiting as long as you can, then they want it more. However she drums it into everyones head so much that you almost want to go and sleep with the guy in order to shove it in her face.

Two drink minimum?! This is a brilliant one! She has a two drink minimum presumably so that she can see if two people are suitable for each other without the effects of drunkenness getting in the way. It appears to work-or perhaps she only shows us the girls that actually stick to the rule. However again she says it so many times that you want to disobey just for the fun of it. 

She is like a mother scolding her children! Some of the millionaires definitely deserve it but others you do feel slightly sorry for as it seems to come out of nowhere. Perhaps she suffers from a slight case of schizophrenia? The sudden mood changes are incredibly dramatic and make the whole world ‘s hair stand on end. 

Is Patti Stranger an honest woman? or is she just a bully?

I respect some of the things that Patti does and says! She certainly seems to know what she is talking about. In regards to some of the selfish millionaires -yes most of them need to be knocked down a peg or two, but the poor girls she brings into the recruiting process. Some of them it is clear she has merely bought in so that she can have a go at them and make entertainment for the series. In some cases this is just not nice and bordering on bullying.

Is she setting the right example? She brings in girls to set them up with millionaires and occasionally rips them to pieces if she either doesn’t get her own way or for some reason does not like the girl in front of her whether it is because of the clothes she is wearing or that she has hair colour that she does not like.

Ultimately the programme is trashy-tv-great for in the background but not the kind of rubbish you would want to focus on. Mildly entertaining but bordering on embarrasing. Instead of respecting her as a matchmaker you instead begin to hate her the more episodes you watch. 

TWO stars from me. 



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