Innovative Chocolate!

Innovative Chocolate!

From Mars Bars to Twix’s there have been many chocolate bars created that have lasted for years, but what makes them last?

Either way there is no denying that they are delicious and filling, so I couldn’t help but think what the weirdest flavours are that have ever been created? Here are just a few I have found:

The ‘Marie Belle’ (Banana Flavoured Chocolate)

I thought I would start nice and slow. Still a new flavour and potentially rather good. Sweet taste of the banana against the slightly sour taste of dark chocolate makes for a very good combination! Assuming it would taste a bit like when you have ice-cream and banana with chocolate sauce on top. Don’t mind if I do…


The ‘Kaffir Lime Leaves’ (Lime Flavoured Chocolate)

Again a little dash of citrus flavour to make that chocolate bar extra tasty. What makes this flavour odd? Well when you think of a dash it might be a little fleck of flavour-actually there is only a small amount of chocolate and a whole lot of deeply flavoured lime caramel. Again not particularly off-putting, probably would taste really quite nice and exotic!


The ‘Lemongrass with Peppercorn’ Chocolate Bar

Lemongrass is a very strong lemon flavour. I assume instead of actual sticks of Lemongrass in the chocolate instead you would have a little infusion of lemon flavour! The slightly odd ingredient is the peppercorn as in black pepper. Certainly would give the chocolate a kick. Though lemon and black pepper? Would that ever taste good? Still not enough to make you gag.


The ‘Black Pearl’ (Ginger, wasabi and Sesame Seeds)

I don’t think I would go near this Chocolate. The ginger would be quite a strong flavour. So mixing it with the spicy Wasabi and then sesame seed-s I can’t even imagine what this might be like. Presumably a very unique taste.


The ‘Naga’ (Sweet Indian Curry and Coconut)

Now the shocker here is the Curry paste included. However having tasted lots of curry I do know that you can have sweet curries. So even though this sounds slighly weird I bet it actually tastes like a normal sweet flavoured chocolate bar. I could be completely wrong but I think the title of the ingredient is more off-putting than the actual taste would be.


The ‘Goats Cheese and Pear’ Chocolate Bar

I actually would really love to try this flavour. I love cheese so the pear with the goats cheese I bet would taste really good. I guess it would be a bit like palma ham on top of melon. It sounds weird and yet the two would compliment each other really well. Plus Goats Cheese is very smooth and fluffy and the flavour is not too piercing which allows the pear to really come through.


Mo’s Bacon Bar

Now everyone I have spoken too has tried bacon Chocolate! Accept seems! Apparently disgusting, even the title makes me feel slightly ill. Imagine how strong bacon flavour is and then mix it with the strong chocolate… potential disaster?


The ‘Crispy Carrot’

As it says on the tin carrot and chocolate. A slightly odd combination but the flavour of carrot would probably be lost against the chocolate. Plus the idea of ‘crispy carrot’ implies that they might caramelise the carrot before putting it in the chocolate bar. If that is the case, like anything that you caramelise it causes the flavour to almost be completely lost.

crispy carrot

The ‘Marmite’ Bar

I guess ‘you either love it or you hate it’. If you are a fan of marmite on toast than I guess marmite with chocolate would be the same kind of experience. The flavour might even be slightly less in chocolate due to over-powering flavours. I think if Marmite was actually sweeter in taste it would attract more fans anyway..enter chocolate marmite spread!

Picture 17832

The ‘Mushroom’ Chocolate

Disgusting is what comes to mind. Then again I hate mushrooms. Perhaps if people loved mushrooms they would love them with chocolate. Though I highly doubt it would taste that nice. I think it is more of a try it once flavour.


Now for the most disgusting flavour I have come across:

‘The Smoke and Stout Chocolate Caramel Bar’

Stout of course being beer and Alderwood smoked salt combined all in one Chocolate bar. If you hate beer than you will definitely not like this. If you don’t like salty flavours you will hate it.


Last but not least the weirdest name:

The ‘Woolloomooloo’ Chocolate

It combines the flavours of roasted and salted macadamia nuts, Indonesion coconut and hemp seeds. Definitely an interesting mix for a really great title. It is also said to ‘boost your vanity with hemp oil providing you with softer skin, stronger nails and thicker hair’….Hell Yes- Finally a chocolate bar that makes you beautiful!


Have you come across any funky flavours or tried any of the above?


2 thoughts on “Innovative Chocolate!

    1. I bet it was….I am a little nervous I must admit to try it…I did come across Bacon Cake the other day!!!! Who would have thought Bacon would be considered a Desert?

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