Takeaway Favourites (Satay Noodles)!

Takeaway Favourites: Recreating the Best!

I don’t know about you but I do love Takeaways.

I think it is the whole stigma attached to them-whether you are ordering a load of pizzas to feed the masses or a Chinese Takeaway for you to enjoy under a blanket in front of the TV. Either way they are the best! Fattening and not good for you at all…but for every once in a while they are delicious however there is one thing that I cannot deal with…THE PRICE!

I cannot stand cooking anything that takes longer than say 30 mins. I work, and therefore rarely have time to create amazing meals from scratch. I do not have time to buy the special ingredients needed for the recipe. I have a lot of respect for food lovers who take a few hours to create the perfect meal..but for me I cannot afford to do it!

I want something QUICK! I want something CHEAP! I want something EASY and last but not least I want something SIMPLE!

I am tired of the old favourites: Pasta, Pasta and more Pasta!!!! Give me something with a bit more flavour and more substance but something I can enjoy!

So what about re-creating the favourite take-aways. You would be getting the thing you love for half the price.

My first recipe is the tried and tested Satay Noodles: (5 minutes and tasty)

Like an ordinary Stir Fry, all you need is:

Satay Sauce in a packet which you can get from any supermarket in the Stir Fry aisle!

Noodles: I prefer the fresh ones as they tend to be quicker to cook and nicer to taste!

If you want you can mix it with Onions and other veg to give it a bit more flavour and variety!

At most this will all cost you about 3 pounds all together for one meal and almost certainly left overs for a stir fry the next day!

This is not gourment cooking this is simple cooking for people that do not have the time to cook extravagant dishes!

Any ideas of some recipes you would like to see in a quicker and simpler version?



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