The Break Up Box!

The Break Up Box!

It was my first major break up. I was devastated. I lay on bed for days. My sister (14 at the time, chalk and cheese) walked into my bedroom with a cardboard box. She sat on my bed and handed the tatty box to me. Reluctantly, with tear stained cheeks and raw red eyes, I opened the lid. Inside was the most amazing thing I have ever been given. 

  • Tissues
  • A large Chocolate Bar
  • A letter telling me how much she loved me
  • A book she had made of how to get over relationships
  • And a piece of paper telling me how much better than him I was

To this day that gift was so incredibly special to me! No Christmas and birthday present could come close, because that gift was from the heart. My sister and I fight all the time and yet for that split second she made me feel so loved and cared for.

Since then as I grew up i adopted the idea and made it my own..whenever my friends were going through illness/break up or just having a bad time I would drop a goody bag/box round to theirs and would leave it on the front porch. Obviously it contained my own idea of what might cheer them up: Gossip Magazines, Dvd (Comedy), Chocolate, Ice-cream, a letter telling them it was going to be ok, and sometimes depending on the situation a small shot of strong alcohol! (Obviously the box would differ depending on the age and the person, nowadays I tend to put a bottle of wine in there and a teddy bear for them to hug and keep hold of)

Initially I played with the idea of making them and selling them to people so that they got the same experience receiving one that I did, but it never really formulated. So this is my little nugget of gold for you!

No matter who you are, when you go through hard times you experience lots of different emotions: (sadness, loneliness, anger, jealousy).

A piece of advice to anyone out there who has ever been a shoulder for people cry on: The Break Up Box works!

It does not necessarily need to be specifically for a Break Up it can be used for anything…a chance to be creative….!

Everyone knows how uncomfortable it is when you do not know what to say or you feel that nothing you say will have any effect and this is where the box comes in handy. Simple and yet says a million things all at once! 

A few tips: Do not put a DVD in unless you have watched it already and you know that it does not include the following themes of: Break up/death or anything remotely sad! Otherwise then the situation could become a lot worse. 

Chocolate is a big MUST! Ice-cream works just as well! 

So if you are creative or just trying to make something special that will mean something to your friend… this is the thing for you! 



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