The Bachelor

The Bachelor

Every-time I go through a break up or feel slightly vulnerable I am convinced I should apply to be on The Bachelor USA. It looks so glamorous and fantasy-like. The only thing that puts me off is the amount of bitching  between all of the contestants.

I think the best series was when Ben Flajnik was looking for his ‘wife’. I honestly thought he was the ugliest man I have ever seen on television and yet there was all this media about how hot he was. I was amazed he had all of these beautiful women contestants vying for his attention. 


Do they pay the girls to go on the show?

They all seem to be the most beautiful girls in the world, most of them models, none of them fame hungry (yeh right!) and all so sweet?! Perhaps they were all actors-it really would not surprise me if they had held casting auditions. There is no way they will ever have an ugly girl on the show. 

Looking at all the contestants all dressed up in sparkling ball gown dresses getting out of limos-were they all rich? I could never afford to have a wardrobe that glamorous let alone that big!!! You never spot one girl wearing the same dress at more than one cocktail party. Maybe they had stylists. They always managed to look immaculate. Even when sometimes, on the rare occasion that the contestants would be woken early in the morning by The Bachelor and the cameras, even then they always seem to have a full face of make up. Did they sleep in their make-up or was the make-up artist hiding behind the curtain. 

And then you have Chris Harrison…he has to be gay! Can you imagine the amount of girls that must hit on him. I mean the reason they are on the show is to get attention and be on tv-yes I know they all say they are looking to find their true love! But lets be honest you are NOT going to find it on a programme that has only one guy for you to choose and you are going to be on camera the entire time. Which means a camera literally in your face the entire date. The amount of women that must think ‘I wonder if Chris is single’. He is either gay and therefore not interested at all or he is managing to keep it in his pants incredibly well. 

I have definitely seen match-making programmes before where the hosts have copped off with the Bachelor! 

However the best series of the Bachelor I have ever seen has got to be the two that were made in the UK.

The first featured Charlotte Church’s ex Gavin Henson. Thick, Dull and Beefy he was the worst choice ever. You could not help but fall asleep everytime he opened his mouth to say something. Best of all the girls that the programme managed to attract all happened to be wannabe WAGS equipped with the fake boobs and fake hair, looking to be on TV and make money through reality tv shows. The girl he chose managed to last for a week before she was caught kissing another guy in the papers! Really bad tv! Instead of stopping there-even though the ratings were apalling, they decided that they would give it one m0re series…enter Spencer Matthews…who?

At least Gavin had a claim to fame through Charlotte…but Spencer Matthews was an upper class twat featured on the programme of Made In Chelsea-which lets be honest only about 10 people watch! Not only was the series of Made In Chelsea still airing when they mentioned he was the next bachelor, but he had a girlfriend. Who according to the programme was not going anywhere. 

So when it came to finding his wife, everyone already knew he was taken-even the girls on the show. It gets better though-everytime they asked him whether he had a girlfriend, instead of denying the relationship he would not say a word making it even more obvious that he was not single. He ultimately chooses a girl to be his wife and then a few days later is pictured holding hands with his actual real life ‘girlfriend’. However instead of feeling bad for the girl he chose on the programme, we find out she had already gone off to get her hands dirty by dating another reality tv star. Errrr what???

In america the bachelor has a massive fan base. At least they actually make the programme quite classy-it is clear they have a lot of money to throw around. The UK on the other hand completely destroyed its reputation.

The only disappointing thing about the series is that the programme would actually be really interesting to watch if it wasnt for The Curse of The Bachelor. Almost none of the couples are still together, and if they are then they are not with their first and final choice from the programme but another contestant. I think there is only one couple that have actually stuck together..maybe they actually respect the sanctity of marriage?! The others certainly do not! 

THREE stars from me!



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