Has Britain Got Talent?

Britain’s Got Talent…Really?

There are the few people that actually happen to have a good voice that have not appeared on other talent shows-but the only reason they are actually found out on Britain’s Got Talent is because they are either too young to apply for X Factor or they would not get through because they are not pretty or unique enough to sell! 

I mean come on we would all be a little shocked if a rather ordinary guy came onto X Factor (fat, not good looking, and rather dull in personality with an alright voice but not an amazing one!) If he got through to the live finals of X Factor I think we would all wonder why. Not in a harsh way but would he actually sell many records? It is only through Britain’s Got Talent that people have actually gone on to have music careers without looking the part-but even then how long did they last? Susan Boyle for example would not have got past the initial first round of producers for X Factor. Yet because she was weird looking and had a good voice she was perfect for Britains Got Talent.

In my opinion the first series of Britain’s Got Talent was a large step back for Television. 

X Factor was a brilliant idea, searching for new talent and then spinning them in to stardom. Private auditions held in front of significant people that know the music buisness well and have succeeded in it (Simon Cowell). Then allowing them to perform live to an audience. This is the humane way of doing a show like this. Then comes Britains Got Talent.

In the old days if people did not like the show they were watching at the theatre they would throw fruit or vegetables at the stage to show their hatred. If they liked it they would show roses. This was normal- until it was banned because of risk that the actors might get hurt. Yet nowadays it seems the idea of ‘freak-shows’ being a form of entertainment is becoming increasingly popular. 

So when did we step backwards? When did it become ok for us to cheer or geer at people?

I understand how this might be a type of entertainment people enjoy but it seems to me like we are encouraging a form of bullying through allowing people to take the mick out of someone that might not be aware that their ‘talent’ is not actually that good. We are taking advantage of people weaker than ourselves. 

The only loophole I see is when people are going on stage deliberately to take the piss out of themselves and therefore the audience join in.

So where does the line get drawn? 

There are rules in place that prevent people with mental problems from applying unless they get a signature from an adult. So when that ‘adult’ signs the piece of paper. Is it then ok for somebody with a mental/physical disability to perform in front of a live audience and get judged. What happens when that person gets judged wrongly and is sent off the stage in tears being shouted and jeered at. The audience have not got a clue what might happen after the person leaves that stage…if something does happen it is not liable to the tv programme due to the signing of one person that might not have had a clue what they were signing in the first place. 

Dont get me wrong I like X Factor as much as the next person but I think that Britain’s Got Talent is one step too far. I personally think that including an audience in the voting of whether someone is talented or not is very wrong. 

How can we judge talent? 

What might be a talent for one person might not be understood by another. There are lots of different talents like there are lots of different unique people in the world. So is it right to judge individuals based on whether we think they are talented or not? 

Obviously this is a strong one sided review-I do understand the entertainment factor and while I disagree with the audience interference I think the judges work well. Although I don’t quite get the appeal of David Walliams-lovely guy and good comedian but Britain’s Got Talent?? Really? Amanda Holden is perfect as the motherly type figure and of course Aleshia as the bull dog. Simon Cowell manages to fluctuate in weight all the time and always seems to be falling asleep during the auditions..maybe getting a little too older for these competitions? 

A great programme for people who are a fan of programmes like X Factor and certainly entertaining in many ways. However I find I prefer the live shows to the actual auditions. 

Like any X Factor/Pop Idol/Popstars show they will always be popular amongst the public as they are easy to watch and everyone wants to feel like they have helped someone unfortunate to become a star. Are they getting to old? Possibly but all that means is that the name will be ditched along with the judges and another programme exactly the same will be released with a different title!



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