Takeaway Favourties: Nacho Tower!

Takeaway Favourites: Nacho Tower!!!

Whether you are on your own at home and craving nachos or you have a bunch of mates coming over for beers o’clock or even just to mellow out and watch a film..this is the easiest and most fulfilling snack in the world.

I do not know how to cook. I know simple things but I have burnt pasta a numerous amount of times (admission time!) However the one thing that I need, working in the line of work I do, is a quick fulfilling and cheap way to cook my favourite meals without spending hours chopping up vegetables and waiting for things to rise!

Nachos, possibly the easiest and most adaptable snack: you can make them taste however you want them to be.

So why am I posting about Nachos because I have developed possibly the BEST quick 5 minute Nachos ever!

Why are they so good? I have no idea, all I know is that they are always demolished in minutes: maybe it is my homemade salsa, maybe it is my countless amounts of melted cheese-whatever it is they are a BIG HIT!

So what do you need:

Doritos (a big bag of cheap doritos-I tend to get two but if it is just for one or two people than one will do)

Two Large Tomatoes

One Red Onion

Soured Cream/Creme Freche (both work)

Extras: Depending on what you like to eat your nachos with you can exchange the cream for guacamole etc. In this case any sauce that you like will work. The reason I choose Sour Cream is because it is not that filling and it is creamy so will cover the nachos nicely without being too thick!

How to make:

Chop the tomatoes into tiny pieces and do the same with the onion.

Lots of oil in a pan, fry the onions and tomatoes making sure they turn slightly brown on the sides implying that they are cooked but not too soggy.

Then pour the mixture which will be very saucy into a bowl or a pouring glass.

Grate at least half a block of cheese on to a plate.

Place one layer of the nachos on the plate pour the sauce over them and then sprinkle a third of the grated cheese on them. Place them in a hot oven and leave for approx 3-5 mins. Take them out and make sure the cheese is melting. Then add another layer of Nachos and follow the same procedure. You can repeat this as much as you want depending on how saucy/cheesy or big the tower you want is!

Make sure you blast each layer in the oven to get the cheese all melted.

Note: Be careful adding too many layers as the cheese on the bottom layers might start to get a little over cooked and the sauce could get soggy with the chips-I would always suggest a safe three to be careful.

When you have finished all the layers you can take it out of the oven and pour sour cream over the top along with either sprinkled onions/tomato or jalapeños. Once done make sure you pour all the other dips, you may fancy with the nachos, into seperate bowls and then you are ready to go!

Nacho Tower with dipping sauces! All-together will cost you approx 5 pounds and will serve 5-6 with extras left over!

See you can have your favourite Takeaway dishes in a matter of minutes and at almost a quarter of the price!



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