The Rules: Texting!

The Rules: Texting!


I hate texting-I prefer phone calls-but nowadays you can’t send a letter to the guy you fancy and wait for a reply. You can’t just phone them and have a chat with them because that is too chatty…so what is the right thing to do??? Does anyone actually know. 

One thing I have learned is that most men are crap at texting back. 

Let me set a typical scenario: (a friend’s experience)

You get chatting to a guy. You like him. You think he likes you. He asks you for your twitter (what happened to the general asking for a phone number?) you say ok! You are talking a little on twitter and you decided to bite the bullet and ask for his number…too forward? Apparently so-now I have never played games I know that I am incredibly un-cool when it comes to the opposite sex..I really do live by the rule that they either like what they see or they don’t. You don’t want them if they don’t want you. 

Yet there are so many tried and tested rules out there that it seems dating and relationships are becoming more complicated day after day, some examples:

DON’T keep texting until you get a reply (Well I agree with this statement, but even I get really annoyed when I do not get a reply. I immediately launch into the ‘does he not like me anymore?’ ‘Has his phone run out of battery?’ etc. It is my opinion that surely if the guy likes you than he will reply as soon as possible-this is not true! Apparently most men leave it a few hours before they text in order to make you want them more! A hint to men..this actually makes me like you less! If I think you are not interested then I do what most women do and delete the number and move on quick to prevent heartache!)

DO text to confirm plans (Well hang on if you have made plans but he has not texted you back to confirm them than do you text him again to check that they are actually happening-but then you would be texting more than once???!)

DO text at the right time (Errr right ok so when is the right time? How can you know if it is the right time to text him?)

Plus these rules are only about to get worse with the new Iphone features where anyone who has the same phone as you can send you an imessage-why is this bad? Because attached to imessage is the ability to see when they have read your text and when they are replying to you! Brilliant if you are having an on-going conversation with them! However not great when you are waiting for the guy you like to text you back and you know they have received the text but for some reason are not replying?! 

So many rules…and so little time! However when you are in a relationship it is even worse because instead of thinking ‘the guy is not interested in me, move on’ you have to think if your boyfriend has not texted back than he might be about to get dumped…why??…because nowadays you can be dumped by text message-how miserable is that????? 

So when do the rules stop? Never, they will continue so long as there are Social Networks and modern technology and it is bound to only get worse. Which means that we are all going to gradually turn into anxious nervous wrecks eventually! HELP!

I try not to play by the rules as I think it is important not to play games with one another because how long are you going to have to keep up that facade that you are putting on? So what is my advice? Try and believe in yourself. I know that it is very hard, but even if you are not very confident in who you are there are ways of helping yourself. I always delete all the contact information from someone if I think for one moment they are not interested! Why do I do it? Coping mechanism it prevents me from wanting to text them and ask what is wrong? or why have they not texted? If they text back off of their own accord fantastic, if they don’t you have no choice but to carry on with life. You cannot cry over old text messages or contact him a million times just to try and get a reply-because you do not have the number or the text messages! 

Obviously this is a little dramatic but this is my coping mechanism!



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