Walkers Tiger Nuts (Rawr)

Walkers Tiger Nuts (Rawr)

I get a phone call saying I have a package waiting for me.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I like presents and receiving things especially if I do not have a clue that they are coming. So imagine my surprise when I receive two LARGE boxes! The best bit written on the front: NUTS FOR EMMA! Trust me that joke stuck all day-I think I heard about 6 different interpretations of the joke!

I open them up excitedly and find Sweet Chilli/Smoked Bacon flavoured Walkers Tiger Nuts. In bold Pink and Orange they stand out a mile. Plus in my opinion you cannot go wrong with nuts. Yet the only doubt I had was that I am a fan of Nobbys Nuts and I know for a fact that they have gone down well in all the pubs, so why would Tiger Nuts be any different? Were they needed? Was there a space in that market for another kind of Nut?

I hastily open both packets to compare the two tastes and find that actually to my surprise they are delicious-not as salty as Nobby’s Nuts and yet still full of flavour-and definitely filling. With a crispy outer shell to the nut they are a delightful snack treat whether you are at the pub with friends having a few drinks or just at work wanting something to munch on.

The Smoky Bacon is definitely too salty but the sweet chilli flavoured nuts were very good (definitely the favourite)! I could easily tuck into two full boxes of them- if my body could handle it! The nuts are very filling which is actually a nice relief-I hate when you order a snack and it barely covers your hunger…

The new invention from the loveable crisp creators Walkers-do they work? Yes they definitely do-really tasty and full filling.

I Must admit I was a little disapointed to not receive the two other flavours Masala Curry and Salt an Vinegar-but the two that we did receive went down really well amongst the rest of the people I work with. 

It does make me question why Walkers had not come up with this idea before? As there is a lot of competition from KP-the posher alternatives to simple nuts and of course the ‘many flavoured’ Nobbys Nuts.

Will they work? Of course. It is such a huge market ‘snacks’ and anything tasty will succeed-look at wasabi beans becoming a fast favourite within pubs already. Plus the nuts have all the traditional flavours and with a helping hand from Gary Linekar in advertising them you can’t go wrong.

So grab yourself a beer and a packet of Tiger Nuts and you won’t regret it! 

FOUR stars from me!



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