Mahiki-To Pineapple or not To Coconut!

Mahiki-To Pineapple or not To Coconut.

Mahiki-known as a posh club in London that seems to always have celebrities falling out of the front/back door.

To be honest I have been there once but due to the price it is just not worth spending the night. If you are going to go you either need to be mega rich and willing to spend a fortune or you need to be drunk before you enter!

However if you want a place to see hot people than this the place to be. Pretty much everyone who walks through the door has the ability to look after themselves and look good. So there is no lack of eye candy and the place is so small that the sexual chemistry is doubled due to the heat and closeness of everyone. At one point in the night i remember feeling like I was in a sauna.

So when Mahiki asked if they could do drinks on the Terrace of where I work my initial thought was ‘why not-what could go wrong?’. Then again if you offer free drinks to a company of 500 people you know there are not going to be many turn downs! Ultimately I thought that the night was going to be awful, far too packed and with lots of people from work who you really can’t be bothered to make sweet talk to. 

Hesitantly I made my way upstairs to our Terrace. Immediately I was thrown into Hawaii fever. There was a pop up drinks bar and coconuts and pineapples everywhere. Large treasure chests were placed around on tables and a shell was being handed to people full to the brim with alcohol. Amazing experience and the cocktails were great! 

The coconuts were the best and definitely the most alcoholic! You were served literally a coconut with a straw in it. The pineapples followed the same pattern, large pineapples with a juicy cocktail inside. Brilliant ideas and such a laugh and the best bit was that it was all free…! 

So I decided to have a look at the Mahiki website and see what the price would be for the drinks that we had enjoyed last night. Pineapple was selling for 15 pounds. I must have drunk 3 of them and I did not feel tipsy. The coconuts were a tenner each and the treasure boxes 150 pounds each-Unbelieveable! 

For free drinks it is brilliant however I would never go to the club itself for those ridiculous prices- you hardly get drunk and that is really not worth it! 

THREE stars from me!



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