The Bachelorette-Spoilers!

The Bachelorette- Spoilers! 

After my post on The Bachelor I thought it would be a pity not to follow it up with a post on the brand new ‘The Bachelorette’ featuring: Desiree…

Now I am not one to sit and watch each programme as it comes, normally with reality TV I like to know what is going to happen in advance so that I can enjoy the journey getting there without being surprised. Yes it means I am one of those annoying people that reads the last page of a book before I even finish it…why do I do it? I don’t actually know! All I do know is that I have always done it and will continue to do so! Anyway this brings me on to the new season with Desiree…

Having watched quite a few seasons of The Bachelor I know the process very well, so Desiree begins her story about always being the bridesmaid and never being the bride-they even managed to get someone who actually designs wedding dresses and is still single-pure GENIUS! She of course tells the camera how much she wants to get married and meet the man of her dreams and how she hopes that being the Bachelorette will bring that. I love how all of the ‘chosen ones’ seem to act the complete opposite to how they did when they were competing-suddenly they are so pure of heart! 

Do I like Desiree? She is perfectly alright. I actually thought she seemed a bit fake and cold in the season where she was trying to win Shaun’s heart, so it was a little bit of a shock when she got named as the next Bachelorette. However she is very pretty so I can understand why men would fancy her. 

First things first, my review on the first episode of the season. When you eventually get past all the crap-blah blah-I want to find the man of my dreams blah blah blah I have been single for so long blah…finally we actually start to be introduced to the men but not before Chris Harrison introduces us to The Bachelorette (which in all honesty I thought we had already been introduced to-but apparently Chris has to have the first and the last word-you can almost imagine the script meetings involving Chris fighting for his right to stay as the host instead of them replacing him a voiceover!) 

The Men..or should I say boys are introduced to us-some in more detail than others (clearly a sign that these are the ones that will need are attention). Automatically the ones that stand out: Nick R (the one obsessed with magic and so obviously there to promote his career) and of course Zak W (who decided that turning up half naked was the way to show his worthiness to be someones husband..interesting!) Clearly these men were not going to be around for long-Magic man left at the end of the episode and according to sources naked man leaves pretty soon after in a different episode. However apart from the odd weird one that shows off on the outside (the man who made his own suit-awful) the real catches are the ones that appear to get weirder through the episode. Some of them you might even think had been coached on what to do-I mean one guy offered Desiree an invite to an imaginative fantasy suite and then decided to actually recreate it in one of the bedrooms of the house! There is no guy (apart from Jonathan) in the world who would go on a programme that they know is for finding your husband/wife and think that by trying to get them into bed immediately is going to make him or her look good!? Obviously it didn’t work as he went home early in the episode! 

Last but not least, Creepy Larry…I mean the poor guy is trying his best to flirt with Desiree. He starts by trying to do a fancy dance-move but instead nearly rips her dress, and then he tries to flirt with her but leaves such long pauses in between the conversation that it seems like he oozes ‘Stalker!’ Again he is gone by the end of the episode.

Unfortunately american programmes (especially reality) are so obvious in their camera angles and even in the way that the Bachelor and Bachelorette act, that you pretty much know exactly what is going to happen and who is going to go home before the programme has even finished! The only person it seems who grabbed everyone by the heart strings was Ben Scott who decided to turn up with possibly the cutest son in the world!

Do I think the series will be good? Well it keeps promising us that it is going to be the best yet. To be honest the first few episodes are always more entertaining as there are still a few oddballs in the bunch. However when it comes to the later episodes it gets a bit dull, unless you enjoy watching one woman getting off with several different men all in one day!

So instead of blogging every week and telling you the boring ins and outs of the episodes-I am going to give it to you straight! 

Below are the evictions and the eventual winner if you do not want to know than please look away..

Episode 2: Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Will Smith, Robert Graham, and Nick Mucci.

Episode 3: Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Brandon Andreen, and Dan Cox. Brian Jarosinski eliminated earlier in the episode because, well, his girlfriend showed up.

Episode 4: Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Zack Kalter. Brad McKinzie not given a rose on his date.

Episode 5: Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Mikey Tenerelli. Bryden eliminated himself earlier in the week and Ben Scott eliminated on the 2-on-1.

Episode 6: Rose Ceremony Eliminations: Kasey Stewart, James Case, and Juan Pablo Galavis.

Episode 7: Rose Ceremony Elimination: Michael Garofola.

Episode 8: Rose Ceremony Elimination: Drew Kenney.

Episode 9: Rose Ceremony Elimination: Zak Waddell

Episode 10: The Men Tell All

Episode 11: Desiree gets engaged to Brooks Forester! 

the bacehlorette


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