The Walking Dead!

The Walking Dead.

I have never been a big fan of hugely gory or scary TV programmes so why did I find myself sitting down to watch The Walking Dead?

First of all I had no idea what it was about-and the mere fact that I had been referring to it as The Waking Dead for weeks was evidence enough that I had no idea what to expect. I could only go from what others told me: ‘It is epic’ ‘Amazing’ etc. 

For a programme to live up to rave reviews it is my belief that it has to be suitable for the masses and not just be directed at one particular audience. ‘The Walking Dead’ could not be called that kind of programme and yet it works. Incredibly gory but in a comedic way-you eventually get used to the copious amount of heads being smashed in.

Is that a good thing? That you become so used to the blood and guts that eventually it doesn’t even scare you. I actually found myself saying to someone the other day that I would ‘smash their head in’ (said in jest obviously), but this is clearly the affect it is having on me!

Not one to give in to my fear I pushed myself to sit through the first few episodes and started to settle in. 

Utterly brilliant…where to begin…the story is fantastic there are no flaws in the first season. Granted there are only six episodes-so you can’t really go wrong. From the start you get introduced to Rick, the sheriff who went into a coma after an awful accident that landed him in hospital. He awakes to find the hospital completely deserted. Gradually he makes his way out of his room, tearing all the wires out of his body as he makes his way to the door. He gets to the door and goes into the corridor. Immediately everywhere he can see bodies on the ground. Beginning to get frightened he makes his way outside and gets met with a site of utter chaos. This is when he first meets the Walkers

What is a ‘Walker’? A walker is a zombie. Each human who is alive is infected with the disease. The moment you die you turn into these zombie-fied bodies. No matter how you died you can still move. Your only thirst is for the blood of a human still alive. No human emotion or connection is left intact just the pure eagerness for raw blood and flesh. The only way to kill a zombie is by denting their brains.

Rick manages to get saved by Morgan and his son. He gets filled in about what has happened to the world whilst he has been in a coma. This is when Rick’s journey begins to find his family and a place that is safe. 

Not only do we have the highly dramatic zombie chasing and killing scenes but we also have adultery/sex/love and abuse all thrown in to the mix. The story is so fast paced that each episode feels like only 20 minutes and you can’t help wanting to watch more. 

The second and third season is where it gets slightly disappointing. Unfortunately it seems that with all American Dramas and comedies once they have achieved high ratings they add more and more episodes to the seasons til eventually you have a 16 episode Season 3. Yes it sometimes works adding more episodes and therefore more drama, however no matter how much I love ‘The Walking Dead’, season 2 and 3 are not as good as the first. The pace starts to slow dramatically and the drama becomes more personal than zombie related.

Some of the storylines work: the romance triangle between Rick, Laurie and Shane is very affective. The growing up of Karl, Laurie and Ricks son, again works very well. And of course the odd pairing of Carol and Daryl is intriguing-whether you are routing for them to get together or not-they cause massive sexual tension throughout the series. I cannot help but feel that they are constantly trying to introduce more characters. We seem to make it through several new people being introduced and then getting killed in just a few episodes before we even get the chance to get to know them and their role within the series.

A very clever idea for a programme and definitely a must-see. The first season will take your breath away and season 2 will definitely quench your thirst for more. The 3rd season is ok, definitely not as good, but more than satisfying. Bring on Season 4…!

FOUR stars from me!!!



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