Takeaway Favourites: Green Thai Chicken Curry!

Takeaway Favourites: Thai Green Chicken Curry

One of my favourite Thai dishes is Green Chicken Curry! Granted it is never going to be as good as in a restaurant-but I highly believe that it is not due to the way you cook it but actually that there is something about an Indian meal or Thai that seems to taste better taken away/or in restaurant-and when you try to re-create it, for some reason, you can never quite match that amazing taste that you tried. that is not to say however that you cannot create a better dish for half the price! 

So here I go my quick and easy rendition of Thai Green Curry! 

For around about a fiver you can get the following ingredients:

Chicken breasts

Thai Green Curry sauce (I prefer Lloyd Grossman) 


How long will it take (about 5-10 mins to cook)

Cut up the chicken breast into strips or diced. Then toss it around in a pan with a bit of oil til it has a very light brown dusted look to it. 

Bring to the boil a sauce pan of rice.

Then toss in the curry sauce with the chicken into a pan-depending on how thick you want the sauce sometimes I add a little water to make it a bit runnier.

Once the rice is done…voila! Pour the rice onto a plate and then on top pour the chicken curry from the pan on top. You have officially made yourself Green Thai Curry and for half the price in a matter of minutes 🙂



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