The Bachelorette-Where are they now?

The Bachelorette-Where are they now?

Well there is no doubt that the women who have become the bachelorette have had more success then the Bachelor’s. Is it because women are better at choosing their future husbands, or is it just because men would be so frightened to go on the programme if they wanted to be single and therefore the programme would only attract the men serious on getting wed?  Some girls will say they want marriage and lie throughout the season just so that they can get a little fame (Shane).

So let us have a look at the outcome of the Bachelorettes! The success stories and the dramatic endings, starting with:

Season 1-Trista Rehn chose Ryan Sutter


Trista and Ryan got married in 2003 and are still together. They have a son and a daughter together.

Season 2-Meredith Phillips chose Ian McKee


Meredith Phillips and Ian broke up soon after getting engaged. She admitted to being an Alcoholic in 2012 but is now sober. She married her High School Sweetheart Michael Brody in 2013. Ian won the Tribeca Soccer Tournament in April 2012.

Season 3-Jennifer Schefft chose NO-ONE (She rejected proposals from both John Paul Merritt and Jerry Ferris, but decided to give a relationship a go with Jerry before shortly breaking up)


She is now married with two children. John Paul Merritt got married, and now has a son. They are living in Dallas, Texas where he is working at a web design company. Jerry and Natasha Goss got married on October 15, 2011. They are both living in LA area and working on TV.

Season 4-Deanna Pappas chose Jesse Csincsak


Although they continued to date they both split non-amicably. Deanna is now married to Stephen Stagliano. Jesse met Ann Lueders at one of the reunion parties for the Bachelor/Bachelorette seasons. They are now married with a child.

Season 5-Jillian Harris chose Ed Swiderski


Jillian Harris and Ed broke up a year after they got engaged. Jillian is still single and working in Television. Ed blogs for Chicago Now and is still single.

Season 6- Ali Fedotowsky chose Roberto Martinez


Ali and Roberto moved in together but then split up a year later. They are both still single.

Season 7-Ashley Herbert chose J.P Rossenbaum


Ashley and JP got married late 2012 and managed to go on their honeymoon in February 2013, they are still going strong.

Season 8-Emily Maynard chose Jeff Holm


Jeff and Emily lasted for a few months but they soon split. They do not talk anymore apart from the odd tweet to one another. They are both still single, though Emily is often linked to many men.

Are you starting to see a pattern? The majority of the Bachelorettes either lasted a lot longer or are still with their chosen one. Whereas non of the bachelor boys are with the person they originally chose! 


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