Hart Of Dixie..!

Hart of Dixie..!

Original thoughts when I first watched the promo of Hart of Dixie was ‘what is this utter rubbish?’. A city girl(a doctor) gets sent to a small southern town where the people all appear to be still stuck in the past (notice the costumes).. I mean what will they think of next?

I hardly believe that if someone was an experienced doctor, they would send them to a southern village with hardly any inhabitants-especially as nowadays there is such a massive concern over the lack of space in hospitals and the lack of doctors around to help. Of course these kind of problems do not exist in TV world. So instead we follow Dr. Zoe Hart (played by a very out of work since The OC, Rachel Bilson) to the southern town: Bluebell, Alabama.

The first excruciating thing to become apparent at the beginning of the first episode is the accents. Now don’t get me wrong I think a guy with a southern accent is rather sexy especially to someone as english as me (yes that is right, it works both ways: in the same way that american guys are meant to love the english accent-english girls tend to love the american accent). So yes for one episode it is very appealing, by the sixth it is like nails screeching on a blackboard. I apologise if anyone out there has an american southern accent, but for a tv programme, that seems to have a huge collection of accents, it does get really annoying after a while.

The story? It’s alright, nothing special same old drama-girl not happy in village, falls in love with main guy, but guy is getting married to daughter of rival doctor. You can almost predict what is going to happen.

To be honest it did take me a while to get into series 1-in my opinion the script was not strong enough and the connection between Zoe and the main guy was just not there. It was only when they introduced the steamy sex appeal between Zoe and Wade that the series began to pick up. The typical hot bad-boy who pretends to not be interested in the hot doctor, works like a charm. Automatically the audience are drawn to Zoe and Wade and are willing them to get together. In all honesty this did not actually happen until the end of Season 1! That is a lot of hour long episodes to sit patiently through!!

I had pretty much given up on ‘Hart of Dixie’ until I saw a promo the other day. The first season had been so disappointing that I thought there was no way that the second season (if there was one) was going to get any better-how wrong I was! The promo for the second season: full of sexual tension, emphasizing on the choice that Zoe has to make between two men, who will she choose? The one that is amazing in bed or the prince charming? Suddenly ‘Hart of Dixie’ got a whole lot more interesting! Due to one trailer I now was desperate to watch season 2! This never happens to me-if I think that a programme is awful I will not watch it again, but this promo was too good! I highly commend the people that managed to change my mind using 3 mins of cuts and edits from a programme that I didn’t like.

So I sat down to watch the first episode of season 2…. Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams) the mayor of Bluebell and a former linebacker is probably the most unusual character in the series. He seems like he is lost and has ended up in the wrong TV programme. To say he doesn’t fit in is an understatement-I do think that the only reason he is in the programme is for equal ethnicities-because there is no other black guy or girl in the 1st series-I’m gonna have to go there… could he possibly be what is known as the ‘Token Black Guy’? Having said that there is a welcoming addition to the programme in series 2: Ruby. She is spicy and great drama for the programme adding a bit of competition for Lemon Breeland as well as a friend for Zoe.

Lemon is probably the most annoying character in the series, her voice alone makes you want to cover your ears. I feel sorry for the actress Jamie King having to play the character of Lemon, the part is ghastly: no personality and a complete push over. The character tries to be a bitch to Zoe but really does not pull it off. So when the series try and get Zoe and Lemon to have a friendly moment at the beginning of series 2 you can imagine how awkward it looks (baring in mind that this ‘friendly’ moment happened the day after  Zoe had stolen Lemon’s husband- -to-be-you can see how fast paced the world in Bluebell is!!!!)

So best bit of the programme by a mile is the competition between Wade and George! The sexy bartender or the ex lawyer? There are advantages to both. Wade is more my kind of man-absolutely gorgeous and hard to get. George is a bit of a wimp. I was never really a fan of George, I don’t see the attractive guy that he is meant to be….but then I can understand why people might fall for him. The chemistry between Wade and Zoe is like a firework going off constantly. The chemistry between George and Zoe is like a child crush-it fizzles!

Would I reccomend the programme to others? Even the second series after a while starts to get a little dull with the story having nowhere to go accept round in circles. It is the kind of programme that you can have on in the background without paying much attention to, but to actually stop and watch it, you may find yourself skipping through the episodes to get to the best bits!

TWO stars from me!



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