At first these look quite odd- the swirly design on the front of the packet looks a little like they would maybe be an ice-cream flavour-or that’s what I initially thought when I saw them. It wasn’t until we received about 500 of them that I saw they were not quite as they seemed. 

The idea? Starburst Morphs-changing into a different flavour whilst you chew. Interesting concept..would it work? 

Great design-but to be expected by Starburst! I do think that maybe Starburst have lost a lot of business in the past few years, as I have not heard of them for a while and of course there are so many rivals to them it would not be surprising if they were having problems.

So was the new invention of Starburst:Morphs a last ditch attempt at getting noticed? 

The flavours range from strawberry-pear to raspberry-pear etc (i think pear was probably the easiest flavour for the sweets to turn into?!) I put the first one in my mouth:

Chewy, Starbursty, melts in the mouth, sour, nice sweet strawberry, weird taste and then a pear flavour, twice as sweet as the strawberry…interesting…slightly odd!

Does it work? It certainly does what it intends to do! Whether it is actually nice? I’m not so sure! I was a big fan of starburst when I was younger especially the lemon and lime flavours. So imagine having your favourite sweets minus your favourite flavours..It isn’t quite the experience you want it to be. To be honest it is very hard to get a sweet wrong in my opinion as long as it tastes nice and is addictive then you are onto a winning combination. The flavours are alright and certainly addictive. my only problem is the one flavour that stands out-The cherry for some reason is incredibly sour. It just does not go with the other flavours and sticks out in your mouth making you want to taste another flavour just to cover the lingering taste. 

This is my own opinion and the majority of the people who also shared the Starburst with me loved them. Whether this is because they were ‘free and sweets’ or because of the flavour I have no idea-but I would be inclined to choose the first! 

Would I have them again?? Probably not… if I get a sweet tooth I tend to stick to the old familiar flavours ie. the old starburst! However if they were the last sweets on the earth than I would not hesitate to shove them in my mouth! 

ONE star from me! 



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