Capital Fm: Summer Time Ball

Capital Fm: Summer Time Ball

So twice a year Capital Fm (a highly popular radio station in the UK) hosts two events: Jingle Bell Ball and the Summertime Ball! Yesterday was the SummerTime Ball held in Wembley Stadium. The line up had already been announced so I was already excited at the prospect of seeing that many acts on the stage within 5 hours. A good day was in store. 

We arrived at 4 and took our seats right at the top (the cheapest!). At first glance the view is awful. You can barely see the stage and any acts are mere dots. Help is in the form of the two screens either side of the stage that show close ups (though unfortnately towards the end of the concert these were not working that well-so we managed to miss the entire of Justin Timberlake and it was not until the end of his act that we were able to distinguish exactly who it was accompanying him on the guitar-we did at first think it was Ed Sheeran and on close up it could not have been farther from the truth.) The only downside to the way the event was laid out was the fact that you could be sitting so high up and you still only had the two screens next to the stage to highlight the performances. Although I must admit the occasional appearances of artists (not the famous ones) on the blocks situated in the middle of the stadium did get accompanied by a larger screen-why couldn’t the large screen have been on for the whole performance? I would have preferred a close up of JT much more than the Rizzle Kicks-no offence!

Capital was forgiven though when Justin Timberlake made his first appearance. What a star! Not only did you get to see his personality but you also got to hear him sing with just a guitar and a mic. He was fantastic! I did notice a slight tension between him and the other co-stars (Capital Fm’s morning presenters Dave and Lisa). Was it because they were unprepared or did JT want the whole stage to himself? 

The drama came however in the middle of the show (and no I don’t mean the mic not turning on for the irish girl in The Saturdays!) Will I am went on stage to perform. Amazing DJ and the songs being pumped out were brilliant! However he introduced/mentioned Jessie J twice during his set. Jessie J did not appear. However the middle of the stage did manage to move down-implying that a guest was about to come up. This remained throughout Will’s performance. Will even made his way to the hole to look into it. Was he expecting a guest? Were they not ready? Had they forgotten? There was no doubt about it he did not seem happy. Instead of co-ercing with the crowd like he normally did he seemed a little tense.

The one thing that stands out in concerts like this is the actual people who can sing. There is only one member of Union J who can really sing. This is a common theme with boybands. There is always one member that is The Singer the rest are the looks. If you take for example The Wanted. Nathan Sykes bravely made his first appearance after having throat surgery-thank god as he is the only member who can sing! However I could not help but feel bad for the guy-I mean to go through throat surgery and then come back and be made to sing a solo of high notes just to show that he was fine-I bet the doctor wasn’t to happy!

Olly Murs was brilliant as the cheeky chappie from Essex. Taylor Swift mesmerising. There is no doubt about it Capital really did pull out all the stops for the acts. Ultimately it was a great show and to cap it all off -Robbie ended it. 

Clearly pissed off that an act ‘one he would not name’ carried on way to long and therefore cut his act in half. Plus by the time he came on the stage the entire auditorium were leaving to try and get the tube home. Having stayed til the end he was by a mile the best performance. Not allowing the empty stadium to affect his performance he really pulled out all the stops and the concert ended on a BANG with all the amazing fireworks going off all at once as well as a resounding rendition of the chorus of ‘Angel’ that lasted well after he had left the stage.

There is no doubt about it the concert was the best I have seen in a while! Although I would have preferred more screens-the atmosphere was electrifying! I do not think I have danced that much and sang that loudly in years! 


FOUR stars from me! 



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