The Carrie Diaries!

The Carrie Diaries!

Pitched as the lead up to Sex and the City. We follow a young Carrie Bradshaw in her high school years. Through crushes to the first taste of New York, we watch how our beloved writer grows up to become the amazing person all us girls adore and aspire to be.

Now I do not need to tell you that I love Sex and The City as I am sure you have already guessed it. Most girls do-or so I am led to believe!

Why do girls love it so much? Honestly I think it is because it follows four very different types of girls through experiences: good and bad! You can always relate to at least one of the situations and automatically it makes you feel better by knowing that you are not the only one going through that particular situation. It is a bit like Glee, you cannot help but smile at the beginning and the end of each episode irregardless of whether the acting/story is any good.

So does The Carrie Diaries have the same affect? Could it ever rival Sex and The City? 

Well first and foremost they don’t try to pit themselves alongside Sex and The City. The friends that Carrie has are so different that it is hard to compare the two. Plus you have to remember that The Carrie Diaries is a show very much forwarded at younger people-the kind of high school audience. Therefore older women would not relate to the programme as much as they might have related to the older Carrie. 

I was a little sceptical at firsts. I tend to find that anything that resembles a spin off from a popular show often does not bode well. I mean take for example Friends and the utter travesty that was Joey! 

Reluctantly I sat down to watch the first episode. First impressions: Its Ok. First episode was nothing special. Two sisters not getting along and trying to cope with their mothers death. Their dad trying to find ways to make them feel ok. I was slightly disappointed. However I made myself watch the second…. I am so glad I did!

In the second episode you get introduced to the arty world that we are used to with the character of Carrie. New York becomes her playground and she is let loose! Brilliant, the writing was spot on, quick, light hearted, and the way they played with the idea of Carrie first becoming attached to real fashion was fantastic! Larissa is a refreshing addition almost replicating the character of Samantha from the original Sex and the City. Entering Carrie into a world of sex, fashion and rock and roll! Finally this little character was being unleashed into a world that she would ultimately rule!

The addition of Carrie’s family at first I was not sure about. She almost seemed to clean cut. However I guess she had to start out like that in order to become the wild girl that we all love. Dorritt (her younger gothic sister who goes through an amazing transformation from eye liner to no eye liner in the middle of the series) is alright. You get a little sick of the character constantly whining. Her real personality comes alive when she gets rid of the gothic exterior. 

Sebastian, the love interest for Carrie, is appropriate. With the bad boy look that fits well with the kind of boys Carrie tends to go for. Not quite ‘Mr Big’. Perhaps the fact that we know that Carrie ends up with Mr Big makes us repellant to the relationship between her and Sebastian. There is a sexual chemistry but I would not call it a love connection. However he fits in well as the first boyfriend. 

Carrie’s Dad is a very welcome character. Drop Dead Gorgeous. Definitely for all the older women out there to swoon over. Especially with the naive loving guy personality he definitely wins fans throughout the series. 

Now for most important characters..the friends: They are not in the same league as Sex and the City but they do gel well together. Maggie, the sexual temptress, fits very well in amongst her clean cut friends. Mouse is an interesting addition (I must admit at first I was not a fan, but she has grown on me). I do not think that she really started to fit in until she started having the relationship with West (he definitely bought the character out of her shell). Walt, the gay best friend, is perfectly loveable. Not a great actor but pulls it off. Last but not least Donna. The actress is not good at all. I really cannot believe she would get that many guys. She does not seem to have the beauty that requires that kind of confidence. She should be a mirror image of Regina from Mean Girls (beautiful but skeeming). There is something about her character that just does not click with the programme. The writers needed an enemy and that is why she is around, but it just does not have the effect they want it to have. 

There is no doubt about it this series gets better in pace and story towards the end. By the finale it is so quick and to the point you find yourself wishing for more episodes. I like it. It is not Sex in the City but it gets away with it’s association with the famous programme and that, in this case, is more than enough.


FOUR stars from me!

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