The Ultimate Night Out!

The Ultimate Night Out (Time tested secrets to turning that night epic!)

So everyone has been in that position where they have either had to plan a night out or had to attend one. However one thing I have learnt few the many years I have tested the party scene: You can never tell if the night is gonna be a good one. It tends to be entirely dependant on either your emotional mood or how up for it you are. 

I have not yet got to the point where I can say that every night out I go on is going to be good, but there are a few things that turn the evening on its head and I am going to tell you them:

First let us set the scene. You are at home. You are getting ready for an epic night out. Your girls are expected in about half an hour. You are feeling a little tired from the day but are not going to back out as this night has been planned for a while…what do you do to wake yourself up?

  • First ramp up the music-get those tunes out-even if you cannot be bothered to listen to Taylor Swift shouting about her break ups-DO IT! Make yourself jump up and down. Re-enact one of those crazy ‘never happens’ movie moments, jumping on the bed with hair brushes. The irony is that the more you make yourself dance around the more your endorphins (in your brain) control how happy you are going to be. By making them move around your head you increase your happiness and readiness for the night. (Song suggestions: Man I feel like a Woman, I Wanna Dance With Somebody)
  • Have a shower/wash-be ready to go out. Again even if you cannot be bothered-if you are in a state of unreadiness it gives you the incentive-you are already aware that to go to bed you would have to get ready therefore you might as well get ready for a night out.
  • Have an energy drink-Trust me it works. When you are really not up for going out. Drink it fast. 

When the girls arrive:

  • Always eat before you go out whether it is crisps and dips, it prevents the night from turning into a disaster because you do not want to have drunk to much and be bent double in an alley way.
  • Fish Bowls-If you can’t seem to get drunk don’t head straight for the shots as they probably won’t hit you when you want them to and will just cause more drunkness when they do. Mix all the liquor you can find with a load of juice and then dare each other to drink it! You will definitely get drunk quicker this way!
  • The Water Bottle trick-If you are going on any kind of transport and you cannot drink alcohol on the way. Pour the fish bowl into a water bottle screw it up and pretend it is juice-works every time! 
  • Make sure you dance to a really energetic song before you go-again endorphins get kicking!

When you get to the club/bar:

  • Go straight to the bar-do not allow yourself to touch a seat, else you will slump and then you will get tireder quicker! Order something with caffeine-anything that will add to the caffeine you have already ingested. 
  • Do not go straight to the dance floor-this will tire you out quickly and then you will end up calling it a night or falling asleep in the middle of the club at about 10pm.
  • Have a round of shots between you and the mates, dance from your seat and sing out loud.
  • Check out the room (even if you are not single you can still discuss the men that you think are good looking and encourage the friend that is single to go over) again this gives you something to pass the time!

Leaving the club:

  • Always leave when the party is still kicking. Never leave it til the last possible moment. You do not want to experience the come down. If you leave while it is still good it makes you feel like the night has been amazing. Part of you will want the night to carry on. The best way to feel after a night out. 
  • Do eat fat foods it prevents you from the hangover-so whether it is cheesy fries/fries drenched in garlic sauce or the epic kebab EAT IT!
  • The moment you get home drink three glasses of water and go to bed-This will always either get rid of the hangover or make it much less painful!

These have all been tested to prove that they work! So enjoy that night out and don’t allow yourself to back out-chances are you will regret not going! 



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