Love in the Wild-Where are they now?

Love In The Wild

So I found myself yearning for some more gossip and there is nothing better than finding out if couples are still together from dating shows. I always find that you really get to see how fake the programme is through the make or break of the couple and how long they managed to stay together.

Love in the Wild-this programme has got to be the worst and most incestuous programme I have ever seen. Certainly full of drama! Plus at the same time they throw the dating couples into the hardest tasks…not even I’m a Celebrity get me Out of Here has tasks like this. Whether you can really fall in love whilst sweating profusely and putting yourself in danger…I honestly have on idea?! I mean they do always do a scary date on The Bachelor and the couple always seem closer afterwards. I suppose if you are sweaty and looking awful and the guy/girl still fancies you then it is a bonus. Maybe this is something that the world is missing out on-the mixture of sweat and danger makes for true love…or does it?

So here comes the complicated bit..explaining the actual programme. 

The first episode introduces ten women and ten men. They all then pair off into the first couples of the series. The couples then compete in challenges to test their strengths as a couple. If they come first they have a romantic night in the beautiful Oasis (mansion with pool and shower). Then they all go into an elimination ceremony. Each couple gets to choose whether they would like to stay with their partner or whether they would like to swap and be with someone else. If one person chooses to be with someone else and gets rejected they then go into the elimination zone. If they remain unchosen in the elimination zone, they go home. You can imagine how much drama is caused when one part of a couple wants to swap and the other half is totally unaware. (Uh Oh!)

Ok so instead of taking you through all the different partnerships in all the different series I am going to dish the gossip on the important ones i.e..the winners and the runners up and whether they are together or not.

Series 1 (2011): It came down to between Mike/Samantha and Miles/Heather. Mike and Samantha won.

  • Mike and Sam are engaged and celebrated their engagement with a party on the 1st May. They have been living together for a while now.
  • Miles and Heather are living together.


Series 2 (2012): It came down to between Ken/Yanina and Ben/Michelle. Ken and Yanina won.

  • Ken and Yanina are still in a long distance relationship
  • Ben and Michelle were living together and then got engaged on January 3rd. They are set to get married on October 26th 2013.


So who else is together from ‘Love in the Wild’?

Summer and Chase are now living together from Season 2.


Wow so Love in the Wild really works!!! Who would have thought it! So anyone who is trying to find the love of their life, go into a jungle with 10 men and 10 women and do really hard sweaty tasks the proof is above!


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