The Ultimate Girls Night In!

The Ultimate Girls Night In

So yesterday I gave you advice on how to get yourself in the mood for a Night out on the town. Today I am going to give you tips on the best Night In. Let us set the scene:

You are sitting at home waiting for the girls to come round. You do not have any idea what to cook for them/entertain them with?

Easy! Girls Night in is simple. Firstly prepare! All you will need is one comedy dvd (maybe Bridesmaids) and a scary dvd (The Exorcist). I would definitely advise not getting a film that is going to make you cry. The last thing you want is the night to turn in to a self pitying party! 

Before your guests arrive make sure they know that it is a night in therefore pyjamas or onesies are a MUST! The moment they arrive give each of them a glass of wine. 

Whilst the dinner is being prepared make sure you pump out some typical girly tunes (I wanna dance with somebody, Man I feel like a Woman, Hold On) and dance around-dancing is infectious eventually you will have all your mates dancing around the room like loonies! 

What to cook? Well of course it depends on what your friends like, but I always go safe. A big nachos to share (see blog for recipe), minstrels, sweets and of course some cut up carrot/cucumber sticks with houmous- just for an added healthy option. Trust me after this your mates will not be hungry. If, however you would like to make it a bit more of a dinner party then you can swap the nachos and carrot sticks for tomato mascerpone pasta with cheese and then a large salad. 

Lay lots of nail varnish and face packs (cheap ones) on a table and give your friends the option of pampering themselves (always make sure you have nail varnish remover on the table.. just in case). Put all the sweets in bowls and cosy up on the couch with a blanket draped over you. Always start with the comedy first just in case there are some people in your group who do not like scary films-this gives them the option to either stay and watch the scary film or find something else to occupy their time. 

The next bit is your choice, you can grab a mattress or a load of sleeping bags and make it a slumber party or you can send everyone home! 

Simple, easy and affective for your perfect night in!


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