‘Best’ Relationship Advice?

‘Best’ Relationship Advice

Let me paint you a picture:

I am sitting in a hair salon with my best friend about to have our hair and make up done for a photo shoot. There are loads of hair dressers all bustling around. I sit in the chair and this woman starts doing my hair. She is also having a conversation to the guy hair dresser next door. He is incredibly camp and talking about a fight that him and his boyfriend have had. I ask him what happened. He explains that he and his boyfriend are in the midst of breaking up-but he does not want to-however he thinks his boyfriend has had enough. I then launch into giving him advice on what he should do and what it means. I tell him to text the guy asking if he wants to meet after work and do something casual-like a movie or something. If he texts back saying yes-then your relationship is not in trouble. If he says no then it might be. Simple advice but affective. He does what I say. The guy texts back saying yes. The guy hairdresser than starts panicking that maybe the boyfriend said yes because he wants to break up face to face. I tell him to ring him-as he is more likely to pick up if he said yes. I tell him to remain calm and ask him the truth ‘does he still love him/want to be with him. He goes outside and does what I say. He comes back in with the biggest smile and says ‘You are a legend-it worked-we are back together’. 

Meanwhile my friend is in fits of giggles. What started as just the three of us talking had turned into all the hairdressers in the salon standing and listening to my advice. I now had a group of ten surrounding me. 

For some reason I am great at relationship advice. I do not really know why. I have literally given advice to all of my friends (some have taken it, others did not need it). Plus I am the biggest hypocrite as I am really not good at taking my own advice-is it because I have learnt from my mistakes? Is it because I have had all the relationships possible from good to bad, therefore I have had experience in everything? Or is it because I am so good at getting guys back? Whether any of them make me an expert in relationships I have no idea. All I know is that I have NEVER been wrong! 

So I have decided to regard it as a gift-this knowledge. I cannot promise that it will work- all I can say is that if you want advice from someone who has experienced what you are going through and come out the other end..then I am the one to ask! 

So if you need advice…what can I help you with?



3 thoughts on “‘Best’ Relationship Advice?

    1. Your post was lovely Marina and made me smile, I too agree sometimes you need someone who is better at certain things to help you through problems you might have in life 🙂 Thank you for your post it x

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