Me, Myself and My Poppadoms!

Me, Myself and My Poppadoms!

So about a month ago I went out for dinner at a local Indian Restaurant. Thinking nothing of it, apart from getting my indian takeaway thirst quenched. So imagine my surprise when I arrive home last night and found a complimentary two course meal certificate waiting for me.

It had been a hard and tiring day. I could not be bothered to buy food to cook- somehow someone up there was on my side just for the night. The downside? Well it was for only one person and I would have to sit in the restaurant on my own…could I do it? Could I stand up to my fears of having dinner alone, and not worry about being judged by all the different couples?

For the first time I find myself not caring about my appearance and booking a table for one!

Now may I just point out-I have had lunch on my own countless times, but I have never had dinner alone/or gone to the cinema alone!

I do not think there is anything wrong with it, in fact I actually have a lot of respect for people who are able to comfortably sit with themselves for company in a restaurant. Could I fit in with that crew? Or would my insecurities get in the way of it?

The table was booked. I made my way to the restaurant at 9pm-took a deep breath and walked inside! I sat down and felt totally relaxed-I did not have to worry about creating conversation and avoiding awkward silences.

It was me, my phone and my poppadoms!

The staff were incredibly attentive and polite. I was never left to long without food or drink. I decided as I was alone I would treat myself-plus the meal was free so why not! I ordered my beer and tucked into my onion bhajis.

Like small golden nuggets, they melted in your mouth, the taste of the spices against the cooked stringy onion. The balls were perfect, sometimes onion bhajis can be really difficult to get right-most of the time they can be very dry and crumbly but these were just delicious! I was very happy munching away. Then my main arrived…

I had been to this restaurant before and in all honesty I had not enjoyed the food. I was already used to my local Indian restaurant round the corner, so to go and experience another one was different. Especially as the one I was used to is sublime-authentic in every way to the point where they put mini heaters on your tables to keep the food warm. Now this restaurant did not provide heaters but they did not actually need to as the food was piping hot.

The chicken Korma melted in my mouth. The sweet taste of coconut mixed with spices and chicken that broke away in your mouth-heavenly. I was definitely experiencing some of the best indian food I have ever tasted.

The staff were brilliant the food was excellent. It could not have been a better meal. They also made me feel totally at home being there on my own.

FIVE stars from me!

If you live in London this is definitely a must. Go and visit and experience Indian cuisine at its best. Tandoori uxbridge Road


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