Bitchy Resting Face? SAM-C is worse!

Bitchy Resting Face? SAM-C is worse!

‘Bitchy Resting Face’- The Youtube video that follows the pattern of a would-be charity appeal and explains to the audience that some women who look like they are bitches might be suffering silently from BRF (Bitchy Resting Face). They present the following scenarios:

  • A boyfriend and a girlfriend having dinner-she has Bitchy Resting Face but he thinks she is mad with him. He has a go at her without knowing that she is not able to show her real emotions because of this disorder.
  • A man proposes to his girlfriend and she cannot crack a smile because she is suffering. He runs off in tears and she runs after him-clearly he does not understand that she has BRF. 

They also explain the affects of Arsehole face suffered by men all over the world. However it does come with its own warning: ‘Some women who have BRF might actually be real bitches’. 

Clearly these people are not aware of the severe consequences of SAM-C! A serious disease that goes un-noitced all over the world-forget BRF this has so many strains it is impossible to combat it. At least with BRF you can have Botox to falsely display the right emotion.

So what is SAM-C? It stands for Specific Alcohol Mood Changer. This is a serious disease that women suffer from -where depending on the alcohol they drink -their mood changes and causes a dangerous aftermath. 

How can you notice SAM-C? It tends to happen after a little more than the average amount of alcohol has been drunk. The woman will look happy and then within the blink of an eye the corners of her mouth will start to fall. Next thing you know she is sobbing her eyes out over something that does not make sense-it is more than likely this woman has injested the dangerous drug…wine. After drinking a lot of Wine you will experience a woman go from being the happiest girl in the world to sobbing her eyes out over something tiny.

Unfortunately there are so many strains of SAM-C it is hard to pin point the exact changing point, but what I can warn you about is the typical side affects from certain strains. This might help you to plan in advance for the severe change in mood about to be experienced. 

The following may change depending on the person and how well they can hold their alcohol:

Wine-turns the average person into a balling baby-SAM-C

Tequila-the crazy turner-expect lots of crazy new dance moves and jumping in the air-SAM-C

Cocktails-the puker-always going to the loo-the one in the corner of the alleyway puking their guts out-SAM-C

Beer-turns any girly girl into a full on man. Expect chat-up lines and tom-boyish attitude. Noticeably when she starts to do man chat-SAM-C

Jager-The Aphrodisiac-expect sexual banter-the moment she starts coming towards your ear to whisper something you can be pretty sure she is about to say something shocking and explicit because she is suffering from SAM-C!

Vodka-The ‘I love’ drug-noticeable when the person starts to admit their undying love for everything including stationary objects-SAM-C

As you can see these are just a few strains of the disease-there are many more that go un-noticed!!!

Unfortunately there is not yet a cure instead you have to wait for the disease to be sufficiently emptied out of their system. 

So if you notice any of the above symptoms make sure you prepare yourself accurately-body armour is a must and a blind eye will help and remember do not judge these people they are suffering. Join the fight against SAM-C.

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