The New Superman!

The New Superman!

So I find myself last night celebrating Fathers Day with an early evening trip to the cinema-family in tow. Now a trip to the cinema with my family means hiding a bunch of coke cans alongside some previously microwaved popcorn, in a massive back pack- just to avoid paying the extortionate prices in the cinema. As you can imagine this comes with its own added embarrassment-especially when your mum is shouting ‘Don’t worry I’ve got the coke’ at the top of her voice. I poke her in the arm and quickly explain that it is probably not the best idea to shout about having coke in case they thought we were drug dealers! To which she immediately panics and replies ‘you don’t think they heard me do you?’ (no of course not because your shouting is like a whisper to the ear-!) 

So after we finally manage to get into our seats, having uprooted an entire row to only find out that we were actually the row in front, we finally sit down.

Then the crisps and sweets get opened. Seriously if I had been in the cinema with this noise and not related to the people making it-I think I would have gone mental. Every two seconds my family think they are being quiet (it does make me question their hearing) and whilst ducking their hand in the packet of sweets they rustle around like a mouse rummaging for what little food it can get. I swear I must have confiscated the packets four times before eventually grabbing them and stuffing them under my seat. 

We were finally ready to watch the film and just in time….

Russell Crowe enters the screen as Jor-El, the biological father of Superman (Clark Kent/Kal-El). We watch how he helps his wife give birth and then sends the baby to earth in a mini spaceship, as their beloved world of Krypton is falling apart around them. Jor El (Russell) then gets killed by his friend turned enemy General Zod (Michael Shannon). General Zod and his minions get caught by the government, iced into statues and sent into oblivion. They will not stay there to fulfill their prison sentence as with the demise of Krypton comes the abandonment of magical devices to keep them locked up. 

Then we get introduced to Clark Kent and his adopted mother and father. We watch him grow up and adjust to his powers til eventually he is a 32 year old man working on a fishing boat. A brief encounter with Russell and he finally knows his purpose for being on earth. Whilst enjoying a fleeting romance with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) we watch how he fights General Zod whilst destroying the whole of Manhatten (I thought he was meant to be saving it). 

The film is brilliant. A little long in some areas and with one to many fight scenes, but the story line is fantastic. For the first time we can actually see the full life of this boy growing up and that his powers do not come without a price. This is the first superman that has been properly humanised-with the same human emotions and diffculties growing up as everyone else-the only difference is he has this power that he needs to learn to control. 

Henry Cavill is brilliant as Superman, he was born to play the role. However I did realise something. Every single actor that has ever played Superman has always had the same look-the beautiful pure but dull look. They all have that same mundane personality. Again perfect for Superman but when it comes to playing other roles probably not the best look. I would liken him to Keanu Reeves. Keanu was born to play the role in the Matrix (another beautiful face but slightly dull). Put Keanu in another movie where he has to play a character with a personality, it does not work. Put Henry Cavil in another movie and it is the same-this can be seen through his role in The Tudors- he came across as really quite boring despite his good looks. He also came down to the last two for James Bond, between him and Daniel Craig. Again he has the looks for the role but not the charisma. This is not a problem as it is perfect for the role of Clark Kent and I am sure Superman will go on to have many sequels all starring him, but is there an acting career for Henry Cavil after Superman? I’m to sure.

Russell Crowe was fantastic as his father, majestic and yet caring. General Zod was cold hearted and the accurate amount of crazy. Lois Lane was ok, definitely the best acting I have ever seen come out of Amy Adams. Plus she has apparently been up to play Lois Lane three times for different Superman’s. I can see why she thinks she would be perfect for it-she is feisty and ordinary looking perfect for the role of the intelligent Lois who works for the Daily Planet. The best bit? The added twist of her being aware of who Clark Kent really is-it makes more sense than trying to believe that one pair of glasses would completely cover Superman’s identity. 

The film does not disapoint and the use of animation and CGI is faultless-defintely some of the best I have ever seen. 

I would definitely reccomend the film to both female and male audiences. Full of action and fast paced-it is just fantastic. Ignore any negative reviews because they are clearly oblivious to what makes a good film! 



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