Quick Lunch that Lasts!

Quick Lunch that Lasts!

I am one of those people who spends money on lunch everyday-from burritos to sandwiches, I end up spending at least a fiver ever lunchtime. I am not made of money-by any means and therefore I was shocked to find out that I was spending almost a quarter of my salary on lunch. So for the first time in my life I was going to take a stand against spending money by making my own lunch to take into work. The only problem is, when I get home I am normally so knackered from the day, that I would like nothing more than to relax in front of the TV and not have to make lunch and dinner.

I walked to supermarket and I planned lunch for the next few days. I am not good with food-I want something quick and easy that is not going to go off immediately.

I had a few ideas of what I wanted to try:

Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous with Feta Cheese-The only downside about this was that roasting vegetables for hours on end is the last thing that you want to do. How could I make this dish even quicker? Simple, instead of roasting the veg-fry it!! You are still getting it crispy in a pan and the difference would be less time to wait for it to cook. This saved me about half an hour. The dish lasts about a week!

The next one that I tried:

Greek Salad-Again so easy and cheap to make-cucumber, tomatoes, feta cheese and onions all diced and mixed together with oil and balsamic vinegar mixed in. Do not put to much vinegar in the dish as it can get a little bit to sour. Again will last about 3-4 days-however I would advise about 3 at the most just because the veg might get a little soggy as it has been sitting in the sauce for quite a while. 

The last one:

Advacado with dressing-The best thing about Advacado is that it is incredibly filling and tastes deliscious. If you like Advacado then this is perfect and so fast. Cut it in half and take out the stone. Wrap it in foil and store in the fridge. Then in a seperate plastic cup mix together some grained mustard, balsamic vinegar and oil. Make sure you mix well-you may need to mix it again when you are about to have lunch. This is your dressing-pour into the space where the stone was and Voila! you now have advacado salad that you can eat with a spoon. 

These are simple ideas to help you avoid spending a fortune. Plus they are healthier and contain less calories than a paid lunch! A Bargain and your being healthy-you could not ask for anything better! There are loads more ideas out there for healthy and cheap lunches, the above are just a few that I have tried and tested and have worked for me!



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