The Bachelor Pad Season 1..Where are they now?

The Bachelor Pad….Where are they now?

Ever since the Bachelorette and Bachelor started airing there were always a lot of weird characters that would appear in each season. So someone came up with the ingenious idea of getting all the really odd contestants back together for a season of Bachelor Pad. Basically they want to create as much drama as possible whilst playing a game show where the contestants win money. There have been three seasons so far and I am going to go through each of them finding out whether the coupled up contestants actually had a life after Bachelor Pad. 

Bachelor Pad Season 1:

Jesse Beck & Peyton Wright-Jesse Beck and Peyton were a couple in Bachelor Pad Season 1. After the show they both went their separate ways. Jesse Beck is now married and has a baby boy called Boston. Peyton is married to previous Bachelorette contestant Chris Lambton and they have just celebrated their one year anniversary in May.


Kiptyn & Tenley- Kiptyn and Tenley got together officially in Season 1 of the Bachelor Pad. They were together for 2 1/2 years before taking a break in January 2013 and officially breaking things off in March. Since then it has been all quiet with these two presumably still pining over the relationship!


Jesse Kovacs & Elizabeth Kitt-Another couple who began dating a few months prior to The Bachelor Pad. However in 2010 quite recently after the Bachelor Pad finished airing they had a massive break up. Jesse accused Elizabeth of trashing his name all over the internet and being a crazy jealous person. Elizabeth is dating somebody who apparently people will know who have watched the Bachelor/Bachelorette but has not yet released it (this was in March 2013-so they could well have broken up now). Jesse is dating Summer Albertsten, they started going out in October.


Natalie Getz & David Good-Natalie and David won the Bachelor Pad Season 1 and split their winnings. They mututally broke up just after the programme finished airing. Natalie is now living on the beach with her boyfriend Patrick. David wrote a book called “The Man Code, A Woman’s Guide to Cracking the Tough Guy.” He is now back from a long book tour and is not dating anyone. 


So that is it for Season 1 of the Bachelor Pad. No real surprises apart from the split up of Kiptyn and Tenley. A heads up though no Bachelor Pad season 4 as it has been cancelled, so unless it can find another TV channel to become its home than there is a very slim chance of the programme ever surfacing again! 


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