The real spy is the… Receptionist!

The real spy is the…receptionist!

I am about to let you in on a big secret in the job world.

The real person that you need to be aware of.

The person that sits at the front and is the first that you see and the last when you leave….

The Receptionist.

What a lot of people do not know is that the receptionist see’s EVERYTHING

From first impressions of candidates arriving for interviews to affairs in the work place they see everything and they tend to have friends in high places purely due to the fact that they see them every day and get to know them. 

I am a receptionist.There is not much that I do not know about the company I work for. If we have an important guest I will be one of the few people to know everything from when they are arriving to where they are going. 

If there is an affair happening- I will know- probably firstly due to the fact that I can see everything on the security cameras but also because gossip goes around the building and straight to me. (For example: The christmas party…two colleagues got very drunk and a little affectionate. They went into a meeting room thinking that there would be no cameras in there. They were wrong. The next morning I saw everything.) I also know who in the building has a girlfriend or a family as I have probably met their other halfs countless amounts of times, which makes it even more interesting when staff members try to imply to others that they are single when I know full well that I have met their wife and kids.

Interviewees come into the building and the first thing they see is me. In a split second I am able to watch them and see how they behave. Most people are under the pre-conception that the receptionist is nothing important. Therefore they will act normal around us and not try to impress. Little do they know that we are taking note of everything. I get asked all the time by managers recruiting, which of the candidates I think were right for the job. The one I have liked has always been chosen. 

If someone is rude to me: a guest or staff member, I make notes and because I am human and have feelings I will talk to people to make myself feel better. That person will listen and then pass on to someone else what I have told them. Eventually the whole building is aware of how rude a particular person was to the receptionist-automatically their reputation has now changed within a matter of hours. 

The worse mistake you can make is dating the receptionist. Due to films like The Secretary etc receptionists have become a sexual fantasy of men all over the world. However it is the men who decide to act on it that end up suffering. If you go out with the receptionist you can bet any amount of money that she knows your boss and quite possibly will be friends with them. So if you put a step wrong than it is very easy for the receptionist to say something that will affect your job. 

I know who is going to be fired before anyone else because I control their passes in and out of the building. I also know who is going to replaced as all the interviewees are booked through me. There have been quite a few times where I have had to hide the fact that people are in to interview for a particular job, just because the person in the job at that particular moment does not know that they are about to be fired.

The other pre-conception is that receptionists tend to be foreign and dumb. Wrong! I am english and quite intelligent (or at least I like to think so!) I watch everything like a hawk. What you need to understand is that receptionists tend to have other jobs that they are doing alongside. They tend to be very intelligent shown through their organisational skills and abilities to multi task-as well as being good at keeping secrets. If they choose to relay a piece of information they will do it purely because they want it to travel. It is a crucial party of the job: keeping secrets. 

The receptionist tends to know a lot more about you than you think. 

So this is a little hint to anyone working in a company that has a front desk…be wary of the person you say hello to every morning. You may think they are just a smiley, over friendly face, but there is a lot more going on beneath the surface.

They control more than you think…..They are the real spy’s in the work place! 



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