Bachelor Pad Season 2…Where are they now?

Bachelor Pad Season 2…Where are they now?

The Bachelor Pad 2

Ames Brown & Jackie Gordon-Ames Brown was the contestant that had the most grand gesture of love on the Bachelor Pad. After ditching the chance to win the money, he ran after the limo carrying Jackie and they rode off into the sunset…or did they? No they did not only a few weeks later Ames broke things off with a Jackie. Ames went off around the world exploring different places and has remained single. Jackie got engaged in February to long term boyfriend Marcus.


Michelle Money & Graham Bunn

Michelle and Graham have not been together since the show finished but claim that they are best friends since the programme. Michelle started dating her boyfriend Trent in April and they are still going strong. Graham started dating his long term girlfriend in September 2012 and is still going strong.


Vienna Girardi & Kasey Kahl & Jake Pavelka

This one gets complicated. Jake Pavelka chose Vienna to be his winner on the Bachelor and proposed to her, she said yes. Vienna then apparently cheated on Jake because she was not getting enough attention. They then broke up on national television. Vienna then started going out with Kasey. Kasey and Vienna went on The Bachelor Pad and Jake turned up. Kasey and Vienna although a couple in the pad actually broke up in 2011. Vienna is now accusing Kasey of domestic violence and a drinking problem. Vienna is now single and owns a clothing boutique. Jake Pavelka started dating broadway star Kristin Chenoworth in January 2013 but got dumped by her in February because he was ‘too clingy’. Kasey is currently serving 3 years probation for a bar fight he was involved in. He started dating his new girlfriend who goes by ‘Kare Bear’ in January 2013 and is still dating her now. Phew that was long!


Holly Durst & Michael Stagliano & Blake Julian

Another dramatic one..Michael Stagliano was going out with Holly Durst and proposed to her. She said yes, however he then broke up with her but decided that he actually did not want to break up, however she said no to when he asked her back out. They then both went of The Bachelor Pad. Michael spent the entire time pining over Holly, but Holly had already fallen for Blake in the house. Blake then proposed to Holly, to Michael’s surprise, on the after show programme. She said yes. Blake and Holly got married and are now living together. Michael proposed to his girlfriend Emily Tuchscherer in February after being with her for 8 months.


As you can see a load more drama than the first season, possibly because the contestants are getting weirder and more extreme!


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