Pims O’Clock?

Pims O’Clock?

I am sure that if you are living in London you are experiencing a very odd slightly confused bout of weather.One moment it is pouring with rain and freezing but blink and the sun is out. We experienced one of the hottest days of the year yesterday and yet the sun was only out for about 1 hour at 5pm!? Weird! However it was released yesterday that we are not to worry as the key weather people met up yesterday to have a meeting to discuss why the weather is so odd……does anyone else think this is hilarious?-not only is it well known within news circles that the weather is most of the time made up-and therefore never accurate- the fact that three ‘key weather players’ (I didn’t know they existed) are meeting to discuss why it is so odd-surely if they had any idea they would have told us already-or is the weather hiding important secrets?

Pushing all the weather worries aside-at this time of the year we should be outside enjoying drinks in the park whilst getting a tan in the oddest places! Some people like to refer to it as…

Pims O’Clock!

Pims O’ Clock came from the advert that circulated the TV world for a few years, advertising..yes you guessed it… Pims! Picked up from the adverts it became the catch phrase of Summer.

So do people really like pimms? When you leave work in the afternoon and you fancy a drink..will you go for pims?

When I was working in catering, the posh drink of summer was pims (takeaway pims was especially popular)-however I always thought the actual drink was rather bitty. Plus if you do not get the balance between the alcohol and the lemonade right than it tastes horrible, add in the mint/strawberrys/cucumber and orange pieces and you have a very fruity filled drink.

Yes it is refreshing, but by the time you actually get a full mouthful of Lemonade and alcohol you have already ingested mint leaves and other bits and pieces. I find my mouth trying desperately to get rid of the taste of the individual crap bits, so that I can just enjoy the main drink. No matter how hard you try you can never get just the pims juice something always comes with it that takes away from the taste. I do not know if you have ever ingested a stray bit of cucumber and a mint leaf with Lemonade-it is not the best combination. The only difference is that you are adding alcohol to it. therefore.

So why do people put themselves through it?

Is it because the Pims is so strong that it will more than likely get them sufficiently tipsy rather quickly?

Or is it because they actually do like the taste of the pims alongside the bits?

I am a beer drinker. In the sun, the one thing I crave is a nice ice cold beer. Perhaps this is why I cannot drink pims.

So why is pims not just lemonade and alcohol? Is it because the added bits give it a prettier look? or does it actually make a difference to the taste?

Well i can certainly tell you from the many times I have had to taste it and check the balance, the actual lemondae and pims taste ok but rather dull-originally the mint leaves etc were put in them to make them look better as well as give them a little flavour. This then caught on and now you will not find a pub/bar that will serve pims without the extras, unless you ask! 

There is no doubt it changes the flavour slightly, but I definitely do not think it changes it enough to actually make up for the occasional cucumber piece getting loose

Advice: USE A STRAW! (I learnt the harsh way)



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