Free £100 bar tab!

Free £100 bar tab!

So I am sitting at work admiring how low the funds in my bank are and trying to decide whether to feel extremely sorry for myself or to shrug it off and treat myself with the last bit of money?! Suddenly the clouds opened and something shone down on earth with the form of a woman coming up the stairs towards me with a large picnic basket (one of those hampers woven together with wood and a leather strap to hold it closed).

As I admire the basket she takes a seat. I begin talking to her and we get into the conversation of why she is there. She explains to me that she had bought a load of goodies for the sales team in order to promote a bar round the corner. Baring in mind this bar is known for being incredibly cheap and tacky….But who cares they sell cheap alcohol. 

After about 20 mins of chatting, she suddenly turns around and offers the hamper (purely for the reason that the sales team gets lots of freebies and that one more did not mean anything-of course I accepted). She bought the hamper over and placed it on my desk. She begins to open it-in that particular moment I honestly think time slowed down and a gold light started shining out of the picnic basket before it had even opened. Inside she removes a golden envelope and on the front it said

£100 pound bar tab’

I honestly had to stop my jaw from hitting the ground. One hundred pounds on drinks is a lot in any situation so to have it given to you for free-WOW! My day had gone from being mildly depressing -begging for payday to come quicker -to I am f ing rich! 

The woman goes into her meeting leaving me alone with the contents of the Hamper. I open the lid and inside is an assortment of goodies-some rather odd-others very nice.

Three packets of dried fruit (interesting, slightly odd but I suppose it is something you might put into a picnic if you were desperate for a bit of healthiness) Box of Milk Chocolates (very cheap chocolate-and probably disgusting- but still pretty generous) a large bottle of champagne (YES PLEASE!!!) some silly string (errrrr totally off topic of picnics but…ok!) and some chocolate kisses (Hershey Kisses not the hypothetical type). 

So choosing the two favourites: the silly string and the champagne (Of course!) I gave the rest to the security guards. Plus I like to create little arty things (they are not very good) but I enjoy making them for people as little presents. So gathering together all of the kisses and some of the star confetti at the bottom of the picnic basket, I put them in a little cellophane bundle and tie them up with a red ribbon-a present for his wife! I also managed to get away with keeping the hamper-a present for the parents. 

We get free stuff all the time where I work, normally to promote the company and their new product, but a 100 pound bar tab and a bottle of champagne was insane. Nothing like that had been given to us. Most of the stuff we got was cheap. So how were they affording to go around to all the big businesses with these hampers and bar tabs?

Surely if they needed people to generate interest you would try and find the cheapest way of doing it? Trust me I am not complaining but it does make me think that there may be a catch?!

Should I use the bar tab next Thursday or would there be terms and conditions that they would slyly be put to me the moment I walk through the door-surely they would not just give away 100 pounds-I mean one drink for sure but several?? Or maybe they want us to get really drunk and then we will end up spending over the tab and not realising?? 

All in all whether it was a catch or a scam-the champagne tasted bloody good 😀



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