Proudest Moment of My Life!

The Proudest Moment of my Life

I was walking home on Friday and as I past the bank I notice two policemen and a small man standing in the banks entrance. I over hear one of the policeman being unnecessarily harsh to the smaller gentleman. Automatically I think ‘that is not ok’-to be that mean to someone-if they have done something wrong than yes, but this gentleman was clearly upset about something. Part of me wanted to give him a big hug.

 I decided to hang around for a bit to see if the police continue to be rude (although I respect the police and everything they do-I believe sometimes the power can go to their heads in certain situations).  I am standing there listening and the small man bursts into tears. I over-hear him saying ‘I lost my freedom card…and I do not know what to do’. The police call oyster and confirm that the gentleman had a freedom card. The gentleman is in tears saying he would like to go home. The police suggest that he go to the train station and explain that he has lost his card. He replies that he already has, and that they have all said no. To be honest no station guard would believe any male saying they have lost their ticket, if your a young girl crying than maybe. 

 I immediately think to myself…why am I standing back. I work, I have little money but I have money, I know what it feels like to lose your oyster card and it sucks…why am I not helping? The police are clearly not doing anything.

 I interrupt the three of them and say:

‘Excuse me, but can I help, I do not mind at all paying for you to get the bus home.’

The small man looks at me and bursts in to tears and says ‘you would do that for me?’. I smiled and replied ‘of course, I know how it feels to lose your oyster card’. I go to the bank and get out a 20 pound note and then follow the police man to pizza hut to get change. I return and hand over a five pound note. The gentleman looks at me in shock and says ‘this is way to much, give me your phone number and I will return it’ to which I reply ‘don’t be silly, you need this more than me’. He looks at me and gives me a huge hug and whilst crying says ‘you are my angel’. The police look at me and one of them says ‘see there are good people in the world, that is really amazing of you’. In that moment I could not have felt better about what I had just done. For the first time in my life I felt I had lived up to what my mum and dad had always tried to teach me ‘help others before yourself’.

I have always given money whether it is to charity of to someone in need. What they chose to do with the money is for them to decide and me not to judge. I feel good about giving and I empathise with people in need. I like to look at myself and think ‘how lucky am I’. I have a roof over my head, I have a family that I love and cherish. Some people are not that lucky. That is why if I can make a difference even for a little bit than that is good enough for me-no questions asked.

This is all down to the way I was bought up and now I realise what an amazing job my parents did!

I could have carried on walking but I stopped and I implore everyone to take a moment even if it is 5 mins and look around you-see if you can make a small difference-not only will you get the biggest high of your life but the person you are helping will be forever grateful. 

five pounds


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