Oreo Cookie Balls!

Oreo Cookie Balls

Simplistic cooking is what I live by, things that you can throw into a bowl and then eat.

So along that same line may I introduce:

Oreo Cookie Balls


Biscuits (one packet or two depending on how many balls you want to make)

Cream Cheese (one pot)

Chocolate (Any flavour you would like)

All you need is any biscuit that you really like, in my case Oreos. You will need a mixer to crush the cookies down to really small crumbs (but I am sure you could do just as well with a rolling pin and smashing down on the biscuits in a bag).

As soon you have all the crushed up pieces of cookie you can pour them into a bowl and add the cream cheese. The amount depends on how crunchy you would like the balls to be-I used a third of a pot! With your hands mush them all together until they form a dough.

Then take little pieces from the large dough and roll them into balls and place them on a tray/plate.

Melt the chocolate in a bowl and then roll the balls in the chocolate-place them back on the plate and put them in the fridge leave them there for a good hour and they are done!

Simple and yet they taste so good-definitely less hassle than cake balls as they do not fall apart the moment you put them in the chocolate!




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