Corporate £100 Bar Tab…?

Corporate £100 Bar Tab

So following on from an earlier post:

I was handed a £100 bar tab for the bar Ruby Blues situated in the heart of Leicester Square. Being a corporate offer I was expecting to be showered with free alcohol and food….or so I thought/hoped.

One thing I will say to people working in companies that offer corporate events in order to impress future clients, DO NOT promise the world if you do not intend to give it. 

A woman came into where I work and got talking to me. She handed over a beautiful woven hamper which contained Champagne, chocolates etc. It was a lovely offer and then alongside the hamper she handed me a golden envelope. Inside was a £100 bar tab and free entry cards. She was talking about how great the bar is and how they were putting on a large corporate event in order to celebrate Wimbledon. She promised us pimms on arrival and cucumber sandwiches. We would also get a chance to play the wimbledon tennis game on consoles set up around the bar. It sounded idyllic…..unfortunately I am beginning to realise that they will SAY anything to get you in the door.. but don’t hold them to anything as you will see… 

So I finish work..exhausted having had a last minute meeting where I was expecting 40 people to turn up and only 10 arrived. By the time I managed to get ready and make my way to Ruby Blues I was ready to have a good chilled night. I arrived and got off to a really bad start. First off they did not have my name on the list because ‘the list’ had been lost. Fine -things get lost that is apart of life. I talk to them about how we got offered this corporate space in the bar..eventually they let me in after making me feel like a complete lying twat. 

I bring my bar tab up to the bar. The bar tender looks at me blankly and says this card is empty.


I turn around-not in the mood for another f up-I say sternly ‘Well I got given it by somebody and they told me that it was 100 pounds, I am here on a corporate offer.’ The bar guy then chases another guy who then chases the manager. The manager looks at me with the look that says ‘do not try and bull shit me’. I was not ready for this. He finally explains that he had transferred the bar tab because some people had already arrived and wanted drinks. Fair enough, but I was the host of this table. I was the one they gave the tab to and they opened a new one without asking me!? Is it just me or is there something wrong with that? 

I let it go and make my way to the table. They bring over some chips and a platter of mini burgers and chicken goujons. Really nice but I was told to expect sandwiches and free pimms? Where was any of that? I turn a blind eye we make it through the platter and get told that we would be bought another one later on. Needless to say later meant never. 

The bar itself was very dark and tacky. With your standard booths and a dance floor, not anything special. The music was good but then they might as well have just played the playlist I spend hours listening to at work. The drinks were alright-again nothing special. The service was apalling-I would NEVER take any clients there purely because they treat anyone who is not in a suit like they are either under age or untrustworthy! Surely this was not what they considered ‘trying to impress’? Had there been a lack of communication? or did I fall for that mush that sales people spout about giving you the world? 

The night itself was good-I would not have gone if the booze was not free-and trust me £100 between 10 people goes fast especially when the drinks are so rediculously expensive! The only reason the night turned out well was because we downed what alcohol we could get and danced stupidly on our own. The atmosphere would not have been good at all if we were not drunk and trying to make the most of it! 

Rant over..It was very kind of them to give us the bar tab in the first place- that I cannot fault. The rest of it was just disapointing but how can you miss something you never had? 

Would I reccomend it? A resounding NO! 

1 STAR! 



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