Netflix, Love Film or Now Tv (Sky)?

Netflix, Love Film or Now Tv?

Nowadays with this whole On-Demand service becoming increasingly popular, it is hard to know which one to choose, so I decided to give them all a test. I like to pride myself on being the only girly girl I know who is a hidden techy! By ‘techy’ I mean I LOVE my wires and plugs and all my new software! So I decided that I would join each of the three on-demand services and check them out for myself! They are all available for a 30 day which one should you try? 

Love Film

Positives: The name, already known for its ‘rent a dvd’ process when it released the streaming ability everyone assumed it would be the best. Certainly not really any problems in streaming apart from the occasional buffering issue (all to do with the new silverlight software that all the on-demand services use!) Ok selection definitely not as much as I thought there would be-I am pretty sure they have a better selection of dvds then they do streaming access! Cheapest downloading software at 4.99 a month!

Negatives: The selection could be much better-yes they have tv-programmes but not enough! Quality is alright, not the best it could be. Simple structure if a little boring! 



Positives: At first glance it is very smooth lots of films to choose from and jumps out from the screen with the bright red background. So far no problems with buffering and the screen is high quality. Lots to choose from including all the brand new TV series from american and the UK. At 5.99 a month it is definitely affordable, not the cheapest but getting there-for what you get it is definitely better than NowTV for computers.

Negatives: Far too much to choose from, they are trying to be clever by judging what you might like but actually it just makes the whole process very complicated. One of the best packages but not available on YouView???!!! (This is a massive downside especailly at the moment as TalkTalk is the cheapest television and broadband package around!)



Positives: At first glance it is very impressive. Where you can slide through the different films and pausing on one of them will bring up how long it is, a brief description of the film and a poster. Great when you are chilled out on the sofa in the living room with a bunch of people. Definitely easy to use and the genres are nice and simple. Video quality is good on a Television. V:8 A:9

Negatives: The only on demand film service available on YouView (unfortunately). Although it is simple to use it also seems not to have that much to choose from. Mega downside is that it does not include Television and for the price you are paying that is not cool! At 8.99 a month it is the most expensive small package of TV extras you can get. When played on a computer/laptop it sometimes has buffering problems depending on who is using the internet. Plus sometimes slightly oddly when the buffering has problems the screen resolution and sound suddenly jumps from high quality to seriously poor!


If I was going to be watching on a large screen than for quality I would choose NowTV. However I would personally take into consideration everything from selection to structure and price. For all three of those there is a clear winner…NETFLIX. Yes NowTV prides itself on having all the latest films but they only have them a few weeks later plus you pay less for Netflix and you get all the latest really is a no brainer! 

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