(The BEST way to preserve your memories!)

So ever since I can remember I have always associated memories with photographs and treasures (from tickets to beer mats). At first I made photo albums but eventually this became a rather large burden, especially as you had to buy the book (always so expensive) and then you have to order the photos. By the time you are 18 you already have about 10 chunky photo albums which are just going to be put into storage until you can be bothered to dig them out and reminisce. This is all well and good but I prefer seeing my memories right in front of me-the good times obviously! 

So when I went to University I started a trend called the photo wall-this consists of one wall covered entirely with photographs-no spaces right from one corner filing the entire space. Then as you go through the year of the photo wall you add to it: photos, cards, concert tickets, stickers-anything that reminds you of a good night/event. Eventually your wall will start to resemble your year! This obviously changes- so as friends come and go, pictures come and go. Take a photo of the wall at the beginning of the year and then at the end and you will notice the huge change. 

This is great for students at University who miss home, and it also creates a talking point for people looking at their room. Eventually you will start to see people copying you. It is also great for kids rooms or even rooms in adults bedrooms. Anyone can have one-it is a way of documenting and scrap-booking your adventures. I have always had the idea that when I am older I will have a study and one wall will be covered with my memories. The best bit about it is that even if you are not very arty or creative it is so easy to make, that it will look good no matter what. If you want to be really clever you can mix the different colours, maybe a few black and white pictures. 

So how do you make a ‘photo wall’? First off you need to collect all the photos you want to display onto a USB or disk. Then either print them off using your own printer or go to your local photo shop and get them to print off a bulk order. Once you have your pictures I always suggest going through them and double checking just in case one photo doesn’t look as good as you thought. 

Next single out what side of the room you would like to see the collage. Make sure it is away from a bed (otherwise the photos fall off if they get too tatty). I always suggest by a desk or television. 

Then put the photos up using blue tack or white tack. Just a suggestion: Do not put the same people next to each other-vary it up a bit with the photos otherwise it can look a bit samey! 

Once you have covered the wall the rest is up to you, here are some suggestions for what you might like to add:

  • Beer Matts
  • Bottle stickers
  • Stickers
  • Birthday Cards
  • Small Ornaments
  • Stamps
  • Cut out patterns from pieces of card
  • Words from magazines
  • Magazine pictures etc!

Remember this is about YOU!!! No wall will ever be the same..

How doI know it works?

Well apart from starting off a trend at University, I have also been offered payment by mothers to do it for their teenage daughters!!

There is something cool about it…so try it out! 



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