Are you suffering from the GLASTONBURY BLUES?

Are you suffering from the ‘The Glastonbury Blues’?

The Glastonbury Blues-definition-All the people who come back from Glastonbury have the same symptoms: Headache, extremely tanned face, very red eyes, mumbling, loss of hearing, permanent sad look on their face.

I did not go to Glastonbury (part of the reason why it is so funny to see all the people that did come in to work after the weekend-compared to the people who did not go, the difference is extreme).

To be honest it is really not my scene. Sleeping rough in a tent that might or might not stay up during the night through pouring rain. Constant hangovers, no showers (no cleaning hair and smelling of old deodorant that has must over time). Lastly long queues to go to the loo in the most disgusting porto-cabins. No I am definitely not a Glastonbury-or maybe I should say-festival kind of girl. However the idea of glamping I really like!!! A little cabin type home in the middle of the wilderness sounds quite lovely-as long as I can get mine as an en-suite than I could just adapt!

Having said that every year the festival goers all get ready and pack their bags up for a very expensive but hugely fun filled weekend/week of drinking and good music. Is it worth it?

The festival goers tend to be people who go every year whether they are teenagers or older they all go to relax and forget about everything. They drink copious amounts and dance til dawn. The people who enjoy it love the atmosphere and love the idea of being outside in that atmosphere. Who am I to judge? They look like the happiest people in the world, and in all honesty I would love to join them and not care about my appearance and just enjoy the music. A bunch of people all get together to travel to the festival, they camp together, get to know all about one another and dance together. It brings people much closer and allows them to chill out and let go.

The most used phrase that I hear in regards to festivals is:

You either love it or you hate it.

I suppose it is true..if you have a bad experience at a festival but are able to live through it than you have survived. Then you come back and realise that actually the festival was not that bad at all and apart from the one little thing that happened the rest of it was pretty amazing. In some peoples eyes it is one big party-you can drink what you like, you meet loads of people, and you get to listen to all the best bands play.

The other side of it? The people, like me, who would love to be care-free but could not handle it. They are the people that care if their phone runs out of battery. They panic about what would happen whilst they are away. Occasionally they have experienced a festival before and have had a bad experience so have never gone back.

One person I know went to the festival, spent the entire first night (Friday) putting up a tent that was broken. He finally gave up and slept on top of the tent-it then rained all night. He woke up soaking wet, instead of getting upset he decided to carry on and go to the main stage. He comes back and the backpack he had hidden under the tent is gone. He has lost everything-100 pounds in cash, two phones (a back up and his current), food, alcohol and lastly his keys and train ticket home. He was devastated. He walks to the nearest police and tells them, they let him call home. His mum picks him up in the car and gives him more money and her phone….

Does he go home?

No he stays at the festival. He shrugs it off, gets out of the car and continued to party til Sunday afternoon. Why did he stay? He had experience something so horrific and he had decided to stay? I could not understand it but there must be something addictive and amazing about these festivals that I just have not seen. Maybe I should just do it. Get my bag together and experience it…. did I have the balls?



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